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                                           THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS

                                                  May…Number Five…Taking off Nature’s Spandex!

As we move into the fifth month of our calendar year, all of Nature seems to be taking off its “spandex” and bursting into the joy of freedom.  The Number Five exudes this very energy.

To hold life loosely, to patiently allow life to unfold and to live in moderation are the key lessons of the energy of Number Five.

Mother Nature, as she slowly unfolds her beauty is teaching this to all of us…”don’t rush things…I have it all handled!  All of life has its seasons so just be patient as I do my work!”

A person’s birthday Number, meaning the actual day one chose to be born, is a huge indicator of one’s temperament and personality.

Perhaps many reading this article are too young to have experienced the erratic energy of the toy called a “Mexican Jumping Bean”.  This fun capsule jumps around in the warm palm of one’s hand in response to the “heat of the moment”. Never staying in one position too long, this capsule- shaped toy impulsively moves in all directions.  Those born on the fifth, fourteenth, or twenty-third of any month enjoy this same quick, resourceful and versatile reputation.
Unique, unconventional and a seeker of the latest and greatest, Number Five individuals could easily wander off to faraway lands both mentally and physically, just to answer the philosophical quandaries of life.
Not one to take advice from others, this “
jump off a cliff without a bungee cord” temperament would do well to learn its lessons in life through observation of others so going through dramas in life become unnecessary.

Life is never dull for those that are the companions of the Number Five. The marriage mate of a Five needs to understand their mate’s need for an unrestricted lifestyle and the dislike for handling responsibility. The Number Five has difficulty committing to anything because it basically does not trust itself.  The subconscious knows that its motto is “
don’t fence me in” and the structures of a married life seem like a big “fence”. Paradoxically, the very thing the Number Five needs is structure.  It isn’t uncommon to see a young Number Five enlist in the military or marry early or even have children that require them to stay focused and settle down within a framework.

Number Five people are verbal and mentally high-strung, choosing to live on their nerves and create adventures that satisfy their craving for excitement. A good metaphor for Number Five energy is a NASCAR vehicle racing full speed around the track on Memorial Day weekend at the Indianapolis speed way.

Patience in thought, word and deed is not Number Five’s strong point!  This is not to say that Number Five would be a “couch potato”.  As long as the experience has excitement, challenges or adventure, patient perseverance will be exercised to accomplish the deed. With a genuine dislike for hard manual labor, occupations that utilize quick paced and mental dexterity suit these characters just fine.

The five energies of the senses vibrate to the Number Five personality. Therefore, sports, exercise and sex play a big part in their lives.

This spirited experimenter and thrill seeker must be on guard against over-indulgence in drugs, sexual escapades and gambling of all types. Gambling lays to their love of risk-taking.

When the Number Five appears in a chart for a transit reading it always means major changes abound.  Changes in location, lifestyle, career, even partners must be taken into consideration. Some modifications in lifestyle can be experienced involuntarily, presenting uncertainty as to what to do next!  

Represented by the Hierophant card in Tarot, the inner teacher will guide the Number Five,
if it will only listen and follow through.

Mercury the planet of communication rules over this rather loquacious energy.  Talking, selling, teaching, traveling, exploring and bubbling over with excitement allows everyone and everything to remain totally energized.

This mercurial Number Five, with its disdain for the monotonous, thrives under stress and in crisis conditions.  It adapts to sudden changes while remaining centered in the moment.  The lucky days for this “
jumping bean” energy certainly can be on Wednesdays and Fridays when they should decide to make their next leaps!

Staying in the NOW, doing the work in front of them and trusting that they will have what they need when they need it is a major lesson for all souls regardless of temperament. The Number Five needs to work choosing patience with its life to learn this very issue.

Perhaps Denis Waitley put it best
“life is a movie you see through your own eyes.  It makes little difference what’s happening out there.  It’s how you take it that counts”.

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