Numerology Birthday Number Personalities
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Your Birth Day Number:
Every soul chooses the exact day on which to be born. This is a teaching in spiritual Numerology. The Birth Day Number will reflect the PERSONALITY to be used as a human in the current incarnation.

The Birth Day Number also reveals HOW you would appear to others in inter-actions. Knowing the meaning of your Birthday Number temperament energies with be most valuable to know, not only to you but helpful in a variety of personal relationships.
The influence of the Birth Day Number is lifelong, however, most intense within ages of thirty to fifty-five.

Number Six personality is devoted, sympathetic, loving and responsible who needs to be respected and appreciated. Possessing strong opinions and argumentative by nature. Frequent rash emotions and possessive tendencies can cause relationship problems.
Number Eleven temperament is psychic, intuitive, fluctuating in desires and emotions with an electric personality who can be dramatic, high-strung and extremist in its views. Frequently draws Karmic partners into their life.

Find your Birth Day meaning:
In every Numerology reading Elizabeth Summers does with her clients, a full page explanation of the appropriate Birth Day Number is included in the Numerology report.

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