A crystal thief!

A crystal thief!

Every year in early December, I have my holiday open house for neighbors, clients and friends. We all dress up with our best “glitters” as the name of the party is GLITZ AND GLAMOUR.

The first floor of my home is always jammed-packed with guests moving from room to room, raving about the Christmas décor and thoroughly enjoying the fabulous appetizers. The bar tender always does a great job of keeping everyone “happy”!

My office is on the first floor and the door is always kept closed during this event to keep energies out but also to keep it as a sacred space. As a medium, I need to keep a shield around my place of readings and thus the closed door.

In my office, a large collection of crystals sit on the window sills to be cleansed by the sun and the moon energies. Certain of these ancient crystals, I specifically use for my Medium work with clients. I call them my “accelerators”.

The morning after my Christmas party, I went into my office to collect two specific crystals for my readings and they were gone! Stolen! I was in shock. My heart just sunk to depths of sadness. There were my favorites. Whoever took them knew what they were taking as they were the best!

Immediately I emailed all the guests, telling them of the theft, and asking only to have my crystals returned. I asked whomever to just put them in a box at the front door and all would be well. This never happened.

Every day, I would go to my front door looking for my crystals…they never showed up.

Time passed as did the holidays but my “mourning” continued. In late January, while sitting in “quiet time” in my sun room adjacent to my kitchen, a voice from a new Spirit being began to talk to me. He identified himself as Amal.

In a reassuring voice, Amal told me my crystals would be coming back to me but I needed to be patient. What people do not understand about crystals is that they become personalized to our energies and when they are with the thief, they would bring in not –so- terrific experiences that would teach severe lessons about stealing!

Time went on into continuing my work, trusting that somehow, Spirit would be bringing my “energy babies” back home to me.

One morning, in preparing a Numerology chart for my next client, the orange pad of post-it notes flipped out of my hand literally on onto the floor by my computer desk.

Oh, darn, getting up and down reminds me of my age! but onto the floor I went.

Rummaging around trying to find the orange pad, there it was! Sitting way back under the shelving of my computer desk sat my thousands of years old quartz crystal! I cried with excitement and gratitude. She was back! There was no way it could have been dropped there as it always lived on the window sill.

I cannot tell you how grateful and relieved I was that I again held that crystal close to my heart. Amal was right. I would get them back but now where is my big pouch of Anchi Crystals that was still missing?

A few weeks later, I was in the grocery store to buy a few things and found myself pondering the very important issue of using my debit card or writing a check? Check it was so I put my hand into the cavern of my big purse and my hand landed right on top of my big bag of Anchi crystals!!!! What! I couldn’t believe it. There it was just sitting now on the bottom of the purse.  Now I understood why I found myself pondering how to pay for everything as it clearly was a voice in my head guiding me. “Pay by check” (which I never do) I had heard and onto the Anchi bag my hand went in search of my check book.

Both my power house crystals were brought back to me by Spirit in the most creative way. My lesson from all of this is the Listen and to Allow.

Since then, Spirit has revealed to me who the thief was and that person will never step foot in my home again.

Too bad for them as my Glitz and Glamour Christmas party is spectacular!









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