A restaurant Angel


It had snowed a few days that week and I was getting “cabin fever” plus I was tired of my own cooking!

The day was sunny and relatively warm for a winter day. I knew the plows had been clearing so off snow so I went to a local restaurant in a strip mall to treat myself to a great lunch.

Leaving that restaurant, I saw that the parking lot had been plowed but there were patches of ice around. As I thought to be very careful where I was walking, my feet landed upon a patch of black ice and off I went into the air landing flat on my back!

Totally stunned at what had just happened, I watched a man and a woman walk casually by me never offering to help this prostrate woman up onto her feet. How unkind!

In the near distance, I heard a male voice hollering at me to lay still, that he was coming to help me and unconventionally, I did what I was told.

The waiter from another restaurant on the strip just happened to be looking out the window at the same time I slipped on the ice….what are the chances?

Out he ran towards me, apron strings flying behind him, hollering at me to say still, that he was on his way and he would take care of me.

There he was, this young man, my “angel”, who carefully picked me up, assured me that I was okay, held onto me tightly until I got to my car.

“Are you sure you are okay”? he repeatedly said. Now that I had my sturdy legs under me, checking for any broken bones, I knew that I was back into my body and ready to go home.

As he walked me to my car, through the ice covered parking lot, I kept saying to him “you are my angel” which he humbly just shrugged off in acceptance. My sincerity in those words was profound.

What were the chances, that this soul just happened to be looking out the window of his restaurant when I fell instead of waiting on tables which was his job?

Later in the week, I returned to his restaurant, looking for him. As I described him, no one who worked there knew who I was talking about.  No employee fit his description!

With a smile on my face, I found myself mumbling again to him “you are my angel”!






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