Magic in Aisle 13

Although my husband passed away several years ago, I still find myself going through twinges of missing him.  Over the years, he has brought me signs of his still being around me but this one morning I realized that I have not felt his presence for quite a while.

Knowing that souls move onto higher vibrations when they go into Spirit, I thought he was off somewhere doing his work as a soul.

Nevertheless, I called to him and asked him to let me know that he was still coming around me in some way.

As the day progressed, off I went to do grocery shopping which I really enjoy as many do not. Since cooking is one of my hobbies, the creativity of putting this with that to make something yummy always gets my “juices going”.

Up and down the aisles, not paying any attention to the overhead music playing, I wandered into aisle 13 when “bang” my hearing grabbed hold of the song that was playing overhead.  It came in loud and clear! I was stunned.  What were the chances that song would be playing while I was in the store.

What were the chances, from all the thousands of possible selections, that that song would play overhead in as I moved into aisle 13.

I stood still, listening, remembering, tears falling down my cheeks right there in aisle 13.

The song was my wedding song that Charles and I danced to ….”I will always love you” by Taylor Dane.

Charles’ birth day was on the 13….the aisle was 13, the words of the song were filled with his message to me.

“I will always love you for the rest of my days”. What a perfect way for him to come to me and let me know that he still is around me, loving me, supporting me for “the rest of MY days”

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