My kitchen is a “get away” room after a long day of caring for my clients and their issues, doing office work connected to being in business and answering continually ringing phones that need my attention.

Each morning, while sitting in the quiet of my sunroom adjacent to my kitchen and working in the kitchen itself, my mind can be quiet and allowed to drift.

That was about to take a big step forward in my spiritual awareness. I came to realize that I could “hear” the voices of angels and my guides talking to me.

This clairaudient gift probably has been with me for many years but I never paid attention to the voices.

Always thinking about what the next thing is to be done, my intellect clearly blocked their transmissions and I have come to learn they will not “butt in”!

One day many years ago, while mentally relaxing while washing dishes, I felt a cool breeze come around me.  Having recognized this, I began to hear a gentle voice talking to me with information.  What was said I no longer can recall but this message was so profound that I realized I had the gift of listening.

The stories I am and will be writing on my blog are personal experiences that brought me evidence that the more we just listen to hunches, heavy thoughts and/or feelings to guide us the better life becomes.

No, you are not just “making this stuff up” as is a frequent question I am asked to help others with their experiences.

Do not over analyze you “heavy thoughts” and follow them wherever they are taking you.  The guidance should feel peaceful, not scary, and may even make sense to issues you might be dealing with.  This is HOW Spirit works in our lives.

If you follow the information your are hearing or receiving intuitively and it “flows” in your life know you are on the right track.  Always remember, OBSTRUCTIONS are put before us to get us TO THINK IN NEW DIRECTIONS.

For you, your angels and guides may not wait for you to go into your kitchen but they will wait for you to be STILL mentally and physically. Stay out of your intellect and ALLOW the flow of loving insights to slip into your thoughts….hugs and blessings always.

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