My name is Brownie

Several years ago, while living in California, my home had an expansive front lawn and a fenced in backyard. This was perfect for my three dogs to run and play while being safe.

One morning, as I was sitting on my front porch in “quiet time”,  I noticed this very confident looking multi-colored beagle prance by.  Spotting me, he promptly came right up the lawn with tail wagging excitedly.

There were no tags to identify him so as I usually always did as stray dogs just seemed to “find me”, I put him in the back yard, called the Humane Society with my information to help locate the owner.

Around lunch time, I went out to check on the now growing pack of pups, and the beagle again came right up to me with a wagging tale.

I started to chat with him, basically to reassure him that he was safe and everything would be okay and something prompted me to ask him his name.

“My name is Brownie”. I was stunned! I knew something or someone was going to happen now.

Back into the house I went, into my kitchen, standing by the sink, looking out the window I began to feel the presence of my deceased father. This was the first time and actually the last time I felt his energy around me.

Telepathically, he asked me for forgiveness of him. I clearly knew why that was his request.

When a soul passes into Spirit, they go through a life review, feeling….good or bad…the emotional consequences of their interactions with others while they were in human form.

When I was ten years old, my parents had a baby girl and this one day, as a toddler she was in her playpen. She reached out through the pen bars and grabbed a dog bone cookie on the floor.

Our beagle dog snapped at her and retrieved his cookie from the baby’s hand. That was the last time my siblings and I ever saw our beagle dog whose name was “Brownie”.

Unknown to us, our father took the dog away and killed it. He never told us what happened and what he did and thus no other dog was welcomed into our family again.

Imagine the heartbreak we children felt as our dog just disappeared with no explanations. Having now realized the emotional pain my father’s choice caused, his soul needed my forgiveness in order to move on in spirit.

All this telepathic conversation and inter-action occurred in seconds, both of us let go of the past and then his spirit was gone, never to return to me again.

Eventually, the Humane society found the owner who really had an ungrateful attitude towards the pup and as I watched Brownie prance back down the street, he turned and soulfully looked back at me. His mission with me was accomplished and now he had another mission, I suppose, to soften the heart of his current owner.






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