The Famous movie message

Many years ago, after experiencing the passing of my husband into spirit, I needed to take some time off from my work and daily activities.  Luckily, I was living in the mountains at the time which afforded me the quiet and serenity to process what had just happened.

I decided one afternoon, to watch a movie to just get lost in a fantasy. The movie I chose was the famous Spirit movie with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze we all had seen by that time. I had tuned into the final scene when Patrick Swayze was “saying goodbye” to his wife.

“You take the love with you” he said but I was not in any mood to deal with that!

The next time I was prompted to just relax, take some quiet time for myself and watch a movie, there the same movie was again, that same move and the very same scene at the end of the movie.  I turned the TV off! Nope, I was not in the mood for the sadness.

“You take the love with you” again and again, three more times as I randomly turned on the TV.

Finally…duh! I “got it”! That was the message my husband was trying to send to me to comfort me.  “You take the love with you” was the message he was trying to send to me through the movie script.

He was telling me that I was not alone, that he still loved me and was comforting me as I grieved.

My lesson to learn was to pay attention to the signs that he was giving me. Spirit always sends us signs.

Even though, at the time, I was rather obtuse to what was happening, my soul eventually got the message.  It came as I stayed out of my intellect and allowed my heart to hear the words.



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