Talk with Loved Ones in Spirit



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Your loved ones are sending you signals to talk with them. 

My guides and your guides will be your line of communication in speaking with those souls in the Spirit world.

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My dear friends,
When I do my Medium work with a client, I do my best to keep my point of view out of it and just be a mouthpiece for whatever is going to come through…to be a mouthpiece for those that were not being heard.
It needs to be understood that the loved one in spirit comes through many times for THEIR sake. Their needing forgiveness of their human behaviors and interactions sets them free to move on into higher energy levels.
Please KNOW that the message that comes through with the spirits MOST OFTEN is that of LOVE and FORGIVENESS. They often just want to make sure that a particular person KNOWS that they love them or to apologize for something they did in their previous embodiment.
Although this message seems quite simple, it is amazing to me how very often it comes through.
Forgiveness allows the “dead” to heal and move along on their spiritual journey.
Many times, the spirit loved ones have told my clients how proud they were of them even though when they were humans together, these words were never spoken. More often than not, I hear crying on the other end of the phone. A heart breakthrough had occurred. The hidden resentment and anger was dissipated.
Entities come to me because they know I will notice them, listen to them and deliver their messages to their human loved ones. Not only the words I hear but the energy I feel coming through me often has the greatest impact. I FEEL the heart energy being sent.
Come and enjoy your visit….

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