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                                                   Number Three…Don’t worry be happy!

The mantra for March… “Don’t worry be happy”… is the energy of the Number Three.  Even Mother Earth knows this is a time to spring into action and get her life going forward again!

The fun and expansive energy of the
Number Three lifts us all to a level of bringing on the new...that’s why we call it a “spring” season.

In Tarot cards, the Number Three is the Empress card and that girl loves to shop! Beyond this exuberance, March and the Number Three encourages a time for growth and the establishment of concrete plans for the future.

Resolve old problems and difficulties, forget them and develop your talents.  Be sure to birth those new ideas and concepts knowing that
Lady Luck will be smiling on you favorably because this is the energy of Number Three.

Should you need to travel during this energy, even if it is for business, fun and partying can be part of the whole experience.

Astrologically, the planet of expansion and abundance which I call
“big daddy” Jupiter is represented by the Number Three. Currently Jupiter is sitting in the sign of Libra until October 2017 so all Libras have the “force with them” to make good things happen. Jupiter in Libra encourages fairness, partnerships, harmony and diplomacy.

Since Libras is an Air sign, we many find our minds more mentally adventurous. Good fortune comes to us when we are fair minded, gracious and treat others like equals. We as souls should do all that anyway but this transit will provide additional opportunities to practice all these qualities.

happy smiley face we see all around us is the perfect icon for the Number Three. This energy, that is the actor on the stage of life appearing to be everybody’s friend, has the possibility of talking away but frequently saying nothing of note.  It is this very use of conversation that frequently hides the Number Three’s true feeling that it seems to have difficulty expressing.  Therefore, in an attempt to communicate these feelings, the Number Three personality dances around leaving its listener scratching it's  head trying to figure out just what Number Three was really talking about!

In addition, a young Number Three will frequently giggle at the most inopportune times raising the ire of its elders. Know they will outgrow this as they mature. All of this is a “smoke screen” because the birthday Number Three has a deep shyness about themselves that can be difficult to overcome.

As the hummingbird flits from blossom to blossom scattering its nectar, so too the Number Three scatters it energies everywhere from project to project. The problem arises in that they do not complete any of their works unless the subject really of interest them.  Thus, the Number Three can become a
“jack of all trade and master of none”.

A child born in March or December is influenced by the Number Three energy.  Often these children are called frivolous, silly, often being told to “grow up”, stop daydreaming and to “take life seriously”.

What is being exhibited, however, is the lighter sunshine energy of a happy-go-lucky vibration of the Number Three influencing their souls. These children are early talkers, messy, artistic and fidgety. The refrigerator door will be in constant camouflage from all their art pieces.  Parents should forget about having a neat bedroom during childhood as every corner will be filled with creative clutter.

The full impact of the Number Three energy will be felt during ages Thirty to sixty.  During these productive years, Threes will learn through experience to think and concentrate and not be so scattered.

Not satisfied to be in subordinate positions, a
Threes aim is to rise in the world to give the orders not take them. Interestingly, may Number Threes have very successful careers in the military. 

In addition, any occupation requiring communication skills or creative writing, art, music or self-expression will bring success to the Number Three. Sales is a great career choice as is teaching.

An urge from within to be proud, trustworthy and responsible are attributes that prompt Number Three to harness their scattered tendencies.

Their ability to lighten up and laugh as a being is a healing service to everyone. One who experiences the high energies of March and the Number Three or has a birthday Number temperament of Number Three may feel drawn to brighter colors this month. Many souls will begin to  think about flowers, gardening and the upcoming BBQ parties down the line!
The Number Three can be the proverbial “party animal”!

Don’t be concerned about the day dreaming and enjoyment connected to March. Set out on this exciting energy, sing out loud and let your favorite inspirational song have the lyric happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again, so let’s sing a song of cheer again…happy days are here again!”

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