Numerology Birthday Greeting Cards
Copyright 2017  Elizabeth Summers
All rights reserved.
Sample of the message in card #1:

The Number One personality is extremely motivated, independent, original and driven. When Number One becomes dedicated to a task or adventure, they become ambitious, curious and excited to develop a unique outlook.
Although somewhat idealistic, they also seem to have a natural ability to take charge of situations with good reasoning skills.

Possessing a strong sense of confidence that stems from an innate belief in oneself, this personality prefers to give orders rather than taking them...
Elizabeth adds her own unique numerology insights and interpretations to these special greeting cards. Each one a work of art, these cards contain inspiring and valuable information about the cover number. They provide the recipient with personality characteristics, traits and nuances that offer insight about their life and who they truly are. These cards are a gift in themselves.

Give your friends and family a gift that they will not forget.
(each card measures 5" x 7")

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