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My dear friends,

For years, in writing to you, I have referenced the ancient I CHING which is a book and a practice which changed my life and spiritual beliefs beginning in the late 80's.

This practice has taught me simplicity, inner peace, how to accept, how to proceed through many "storms" in my life and now I want to teach this practice to you, also.
Included in the package are my personal instructions on learning the I CHING spiritual practice, I CHING booklet to follow along with  my instructions, a small silk bag for your coins and practical interpretations of the lessons your Higher Self is bringing brings to you.
I CHING has no RULES, no DO THIS OR THAT, it is a big HOW TO BOOK of inner guidance.
(Additional information regarding the I CHING books to purchase on Amazon, etc. will be sent to you upon your purchase of the Audio CD class.)

$75.00 + S/H
What is the I CHING?
There are so many answers to this question!

The I CHING is the world's oldest oracle; it's the most loved and revered book of Chinese wisdom; it's the accumulated
experience of over 2,500 years of diviners and sages, and beyond that of unimaginably ancient oral traditions;
it's the voice that has been offering people help and wise spiritual guidance for thousands of years.
IN A "NUTSHELL", if YOU want a WAY that shows you HOW to move through daily life in peacefulness, acceptance and true INNER GUIDANCE, PLEASE join me in this class.

This practice is like "picking up the phone and
talking to your higher self!"


"I recently took Elizabeth's I CHING class and found all the information to be most useful. The class was well thought-out, well planned and very thorough. She presented the class in a clear, precise,and captivating manner. The instructions were very detailed, yet easy to follow. Elizabeth has a teaching style of helping the student to relax so a to receive the information at the students appropriate level. The metaphors and stories were most helpful in connecting the dots as to how the I CHING works. Elizabeth teaches from her heart. I would recommend this class to anyone. Great class. Wonderful teacher."      JLH, Longmont, CO

"Every year I look forward to a reading with Elizabeth. I am amazed at her accuracy and ability to provide me helpful insights for living my life. She had mentioned I CHING to me before and how it teaches simplicity and inner peace. When I got the email about the class, I was excited to attend and see what it was all about. As usual, Elizabeth delivered more than what I was hoping for! Elizabeth made the class fun and educational. She gave the group detailed instructions on how to use I CHING in our daily lives. I went home feeling grounded with this new tool. I started my day off with a little I CHING today, and what a difference it made! Thank you, Elizabeth!"      P.S.S., CO
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