Have you ever wondered what influence the number of the calendar date might have in your daily life?

In addition, the date of a person's birthday influences their personality energetically. . .

The daily NUMBER WISDOM messages bring abundance of new ideas and insightful information to you . . . all through the meaning of the number codes.

Now you can learn more about the daily energy
influences for all of humanity as well as insights about
those born on specific calendar days.

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Number Wisdom

You are such a gift! How you have time for all of this for all of us, I just don't know! Just wanted to tell you "thank-YOU" and that
I am grateful for you!


Boy, does this hit home! I'm a 22 (born on Oct. 22nd) and the description of someone with that number is right on! Great info. Elizabeth:).

Tracey A., CA

Love your new NUMBER WISDOM newsletter.

Linda L., CO

I'm really enjoying these.
Informative and fun!
Thank you.

Louise A., CO

WHOOOOO!! HOOOOOOO!! You've done it again! Another incredible way to be of service and help to your fellow human beings. You are so very gifted and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts!!  HUGE HUGS,

Lenore B., OK
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