Gathering, collecting and communicating in a calm manner are all the issue of today.

Partnerships will be the issues that cause a setting of boundaries with an attitude of "enough" and let's negotiate.  This day's energy has you focusing on details and lots of paperwork to plow through.

For some this might be a "weepy day" of sensitive feelings when being understanding is a must. 

Many "mother issues" either fear based or love based might be the source of tears.

Decisions made today could possibly start turning your life in some new direction. Teamwork is the buzzword and negotiating will bring success.

There can be a period of “awakenings” when ideas for new plans and new ambitions pop up but don’t run smoothly.  Some sort of new direction in your life is trying to “birth”. These are the
labor pain” days.

“I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back” … Zsa Zsa Gabor

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Number Wisdom

You are such a gift! How you have time for all of this for all of us, I just don't know! Just wanted to tell you "thank-YOU" and that
I am grateful for you!


Boy, does this hit home! I'm a 22 (born on Oct. 22nd) and the description of someone with that number is right on! Great info. Elizabeth:).

Tracey A., CA

Love your new NUMBER WISDOM newsletter.

Linda L., CO

I'm really enjoying these.
Informative and fun!
Thank you.

Louise A., CO

WHOOOOO!! HOOOOOOO!! You've done it again! Another incredible way to be of service and help to your fellow human beings. You are so very gifted and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gifts!!  HUGE HUGS,

Lenore B., OK
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