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Numerology Newz
April 2016

My dear friends,

Years ago, I experienced a spiritual attachment which turned my personality into anger, impatience and a temperament that was not mine.

Through prayer and healing energy, I sent it away and into the White Light.

I was thinking to share with you some good info about what a spiritual attachment is, some symptoms and hopefully, you can move forward in your life.

Here is a good sites to further explain TYPES OF ATTACHMENTS:

“The greatest part of our happiness or misery depends on our DISPOSITIONS and NOT on our CIRCUMSTANCES.”
... Martha Washington


The sun in Aries is always a time for new beginnings; it’s our annual re-set button, and this year is no exception. The sun will move in the sign of Taurus around the same time. When a soul is “in its sun sign, it is at its most powerful for NEW BEGINNINGS.

The Full Moon on Friday, April 22,  2016 falls in Scorpio.

The full moon April 2016 astrology points to a fear of negative karma and fated events holding you back from making progress. This impact of Saturn square North Node on the full moon is reinforced by having five retrograde is moon phase. This rare occurrence can result in an increase in strange or fated events including accidents and physical or psychological violence.

Full Moon April 2016 does present an opportunity to rise above fear and prejudice by focusing on your maternal, caring and instinctive side. Being inclusive instead of separating people into groups in not the easy way forward. It is the only way forward to avoid your fears turning into reality.

Uranus, the planet of “surprises” is in Aries for years to come so all Aries “heads up” change will occur but it’s important to remember that he only impacts what needs to be changed.

Uranus works very suddenly and sometimes he often leaves a mess in his wake.

Get busy NOW because by the end of April four!!! planets will be in retrograde and begins taking their “naps” . A slow down in life is most likely.

With a great and inspiring plan in place, your projects already have momentum and will not be waylaid by Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury all retrograde by month’s end.

"Of the many factors that shape our lives -- geographical location, family dynamics, resources and influence, beliefs, self-concept, support systems, motivation, relationships, luck, karma or fate -- our sense of self-worth is the single most important determinant of the health, abundance, and joy we allow into our life."
                              ... Dan Millman,Master the Path of the Peaceful Warrior
                                                                           from his book, Dan Millman asks the following questions to think about:

Self-Reflection on Self-Worth

Consider the following questions, and answer "Yes," "No," or "Sometimes."

* When fortune smiles on you, do you think, "this can't last?"
* Do you find it easier or more 'natural' to give than to receive?
* Does your life feel like a series of problems?
* Does money seem scarce or hard to come by?
* Do you find your work or relationships unfulfilling?
* Do you work long ours and lack leisure time?
* Do you resent or envy people who take frequent holidays?
* Do you feel driven to work more, do more, be more than others?
* Do you overeat "comfort" food, smoke, drink alcohol daily, or use other drugs?
* Do you feel uncomfortable when you receive praise, applause, lots of  attention, gifts or pleasure?
* Have you turned down or passed up opportunities in education, work, or relationships and later regretted it?
* Do you seem to get sick or injured more than other people?
* If someone asks the cost of your services, do you price yourself lower than others in your field to be "fair"?

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"If I had my life to live over, I'd live over a delicatessen!"
(anonymous) I suggest this person lived in Brooklyn, NY

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