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April 2018
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My dear friends,

As I am participating in the relationship information between George and Barbara Bush these days, I am drawn to share with you the thoughts that they just might be TWIN FLAMES as souls.

Twin Flames or Twin Souls are a different matter totally from the energy that of Soulmates. Whereas, Soulmates can change back and forth in lifetimes, Twin Flames DO NOT. This really has nothing to do with lifetimes, as does the Soulmate experience. Twin Flames do not change lifetime to lifetime: we always have JUST ONE.

When the Twins recognize each other in a life time, the attraction and communion is undeniable, unbreakable and unconditional. Now, every couple has its “issues” but these are always resolved by Twin Flame couples.
The purpose of this Twin Flame couple is to spend their lives and all subsequent lifetimes together and once a person encounters their Twin Flame that is precisely what they will do. Thus, the reason, I suggest George and Barbara Bush are Twin Flames, not Soulmates.

My belief is that each and every one of us has ONE TRULY SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP that stands out about all the other relationships.

Please do not be concerned if you have not experienced this currently, maybe you need to learn to stand on your own without your “other half” this time around.
We may not always meet our Twin Flame in EACH incarnation; just know the connection itself never dies. Although the Twin Flame relationship can play out in many scenarios it most frequently will play out as lovers.

All of us, in some capacity, encounter Soulmates in various interactive relationships, but the Twin Flame connection is the MOST SIGNIFICANT relationship we will ever experience.
“The ideal man has the strength of a male and the compassion of a female.” … Zohar
On two of my radio shows THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS, I shared a full hour about the subjects of Twin Souls and Soulmates and the differences. You are welcome to go to:


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A personal story:
Years ago, at the end of the 90’s, Princess Diana died. On day, after her passing, I was walking through my living room and a “voice” came in and said “now Mother Theresa will die”. I stopped and listened as the Spirit voice repeated its message to me “now Mother Theresa will die”. The voice explained that Mother Theresa and Diana are Twin Souls. Diana came in to teach the wealthy about compassion, kindness, etc. and Mother Theresa came in to work with the poor to do the same thing.”
Sure enough, not long after, Mother Theresa passed away... I thought to join her Twin Soul Diana.

My observations in life about Twin Soul “coupling” is that the remaining earthbound soul will not stay human too long. George Bush misses his Barbara and these Twin Souls want to be together.
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