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Numerology Newz
April 2018
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My dear friends,

What a day… more packing of boxes for my big transitional move and then a stress test at my doctor’s office. I am getting all my medical and dental checkups, even my car in preparation for my “new life”. Keep in mind, I am and will always be a phone call always from you… I am just changing states!

Yes, I am taking my businesses with me.

Now, I am not the most active athlete and walking on the tread mill had me puffing away! I needed a nap after all the processes.

Good news, however, as my heart is in great shape physically but then I knew it was emotionally and spiritually, too.

How often have I told you that illness is emotional and mental issues that need to be cleared.
May I tell you how much I love my Psychic Intuitive readings I do with you. Calling in your angels and guides to answer your personal questions is so beautiful and comforting to all my clients. Actually, I call these times together “visits” not readings because that is truly what they are. We bring our awareness into the presence of God.

When we call in the angels and ask for their loving help, their assistance in our life frequently shows itself in sometimes uncomfortable or unexpected ways. Really! Why? We want answers!

Angels lovingly and frequently fearlessly come through to CUT US LOOSE from whatever is STOPPING our SPIRITUAL GROWTH. How do we know they are working for us?

-Life suddenly takes a NEW DIRECTION. You might find you are discovering NEW ADVENTURES and CREATIVITY. On the other hand, you also may feel like you are losing everything you have accomplished over time.

-You may feel an intense PULL to MOVE ELSEWHERE (as I did in moving to WY) and so I and you might not know WHY or WHERE we should be going we are just going with faith and trust in our journey and our helper angels.

-Sometimes folks suddenly CHANGE CAREERS in spite of a drastic cut in pay.

-You start taking responsibility for your own actions and feelings and STOP blaming other people, fate or circumstances for things that go wrong in your life. There are NO VICTIMS!

-You have a solid sense of knowing and of strength, peace, guidance and renewed energy. A feeling of excitement comes over us instead of our feeling stagnant.

-You seem to laugh more and see yourself and everything around you in a different “light” of fun, adventure and exciting about what is the next step forward in our life.
“Success is never a destination---it is a journey”…Satebug St. Marie
May the angels and I help you with your life so you may move ONWARD AND UPWARD!

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