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Numerology Newz
August 2017

My dear friends,

Every morning, no matter what early time it might be, I enjoy my coffee while sitting inmy comfy chair and have my "quiet time". Fortunately, there are huge trees in the neighboring yard that I use as a peaceful focal point that shifts my mind into a neutral state. 

Years ago, I heard a story about an aged man who went every day to the local church and just sat in a pew for the longest time. One day, as the story went, he was asked "what are you doing that for?" His response was that in that silence "he talks to God and God talks back to him".

I often think of that as I sit in silence in my wonderful sun room gazing through the windows to the serenity of those glorious trees.

I read this article on Yahoo and share it with you. The text is about "mindfulness" and five steps to follow for all of us but the article especially deals with folks as they are in their later years. Enjoy!


The very thought of a Mercury Retrograde makes some folks cringe!

This retrograde is in the sign of Virgo and Leo.

Patience is the virtue here.

Careful attention to electronics, appliances, contracts, car issues just might present themselves to you. The blessing here is that your Higher Self is drawing your attention to what needs to be improved upon only to make your life better.

Just know whatever is no longer working for you must be changed or let go...another "door" will be closing for you from the mercy of Mother/Father God and our Higher Selves.

Mercury starts to move forward around September 5 but breathe easier as by September 15, the "all clear" bugle sounds for all of us and onward and upward we go.


A full page of testimonials about the accuracy of my readings and how they helped guide so many can be found on my website.

"I received my 12 month reading in January of this year, (2017), and I can say with all confidence that the way things are unfolding, things are lining up with what Elizabeth gave me. She has such a beautiful gift and is so very accurate. This has helped me so much in being able to make the choices that I need to make. Thank you!"


Your Reading choices can be found here, too:

My sister suggested this website as she ordered two weighted blankets for her family.

Really? What is a weighted blanket? Watch the video interesting!

How can a weighted blanket help? This weighted blanket is designed to improve your sleep and reduce your anxiety for year-round comfort. Many people experience a deeper and more restful sleep on the first night. Others find the blanket's weight restrictive at first, but over several nights grow to love the effect of the weight.

Customers experiencing extreme anxiety have been instantly comforted by using this blanket.

How does a weighted blanket work?  It works like a deep tissue massage, similar to the effect of a dentist's lead blanket, releasing serotonin throughout your body to help you calm down and relax. "

My flower garden is in full bloom and I remembered I have this beautiful deck that offers spiritual guidance from the subconscious. The cards are numbered, you can shuffle them while asking for guidance, lay them out in a spread if you wish or just pull a "card for the day" to receive guidance.

A divination system for spiritual discovery by MEREDITH L. YOUNG-SOWERS

I don't do PREDICTIONS but I do CLARIFICATIONS for you about your questions you are asking Spirit. I love working with your guides and mine always help us along too.

These readings can clear up confusions that you may be moving through in your life.


Here is a recent comment from a client about her "visit" with me and the guides:

"Thank you so very much for bringing through my guides to help my understanding in this very confusing time I am going through right now. I was much honored to be in the presence of these loving beings and have been given a great gift because of your abilities and service to help others. I now have a direction and even better, I now know my primary guide by name and I have begun to "train" myself to have regular conversations with this loving being. Thank you for being such a blessing to humanity." C.S., PA

As summer is winding down, I must admit I am ready! I am not a hot weather kind of gal! With a last name of SUMMERS it is almost a contradiction in terms!

Stay in the Now, choose to be happy and at peace (not pieces) and know I am always here for YOU!