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Numerology Newz
August 2017

My dear friends,

In my last newsletter, I wrote about Butterflies and their messages and how I have yet, all summer, to see a butterfly in my garden.

Well... the following morning, after writing that newsletter to you, I went out into my garden to the herb patches and THERE was a YELLOW MONARCH BUTTERFLY! Enjoying the thyme flowers!

I was stunned! I just stood there enjoying the message from the butterfly, thanking it for the CONFIRMATION of my thoughts and as I telepathically was done communicating with this beauty, it happily flew away. Wow...Spirit does have its magical ways!


"Any eclipse, solar or lunar, can be thought of as a cosmic re-set.
The lunar eclipse is like an extreme tide; it transforms the landscape and changes your point of view. On a positive note - you come to see things differently.

When the earth comes between the sun and the moon, the realities of life on earth overwhelms our emotional bodies. With the moon separated from the sun, fear and even the dark side of your nature is left hanging - for a moment.

And, then the Light (the sun) comes back on.

The word Light, when used as a noun, is natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

And Light as a verb is an action that sparks ignition. "......... Maya White, Astrologer

Here is an interesting article for this lunar solstice:

I CHING Classes:

As we enter more and more into the Aquarian age, we are to become our own wisdom givers. The ANSWERS for us are WITHIN US but HOW do we access those answers????

My class of the ancient I CHING will be taught in SEPTEMBER...I have used this practice since 1988 and it has absolutely guided me through so many "storms".

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MERCURY RETROGRADE August 12 to September 5, 2017:

Here is a good article about this current transit:

                                                                                  For the month of AUGUST ONLY!!!

On several radio shows that I am doing guest spots, I offer this to the listeners for the Month of August.

I got to thinking, why not offer this to you my readers also????

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All done!
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LISTEN to your soul's guidance ....
"The hopeful man sees success where others see failure, Sunshine where others see shadows and storm"... Orison S. Marden