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                       December…our twelfth month
                                      The energy of the Number Twelve

Do you know anyone who is helpful, easy-going and attractive?

However, on a bad day, this same person may easily become discouraged, reclusive or eccentric? Chances are this person was born on the Twelfth of any month.

This very capable individual with a good reasoning mind has the ability to express things well and get to the point. In fact, the “point” can be made so sharply that cultivation of tact and diplomacy is one of the primary skills to be worked on by this Number Twelve person.

This very practical, action-oriented person is inclined to be nervous and very impatient.  Learning not to scatter its energies and to individualize are the keys to producing material success.
To avoid bouts of depression, Number Twelve must be kept intellectually busy.  The ability to be convincing and loving the jousting of an argument lead many Number Twelve’s into the legal profession.

The originality, inventiveness and leadership abilities associated with the Number One part of the Number Twelve also leads many to the design fields.  It is important for Number Twelve to decide upon a purpose in life, stick with it and not become sidetracked.

The love life of the Number Twelve is another matter.  This aspect of self may include a number of involvement’s, not always for love but for companionship enjoyment, entertainment or plain ego-boosting. This somewhat verbal romantic expresses love from the emotional and active side of its nature.

Wanting to make a name for itself in life, Number Twelve would almost have, as a requirement in a partner, the possession of a proud and ambitious nature.  Number Twelve expects all those close to be conscientious in everything they do. However, from the partner’s point of view, Number Twelve can appear a bit dictatorial! 

In a nutshell when it comes to a mate, Number Twelve prefers his partners to have a name, status, a high position or at least a goal in life.

Don’t expect the Number Twelve birthday person to be a “Susie or Sam Homemaker!”  To a Number Twelve temperament, career comes first.  Doing dishes is way down the list!

Trouble with self-expression and fear caused by over strain and worry will cause physical ailments in throat, tongue, larynx and organs associated with speech.

In addition, strained relationships, emotional problems, sorrow, worry, lack of association or unpopularity will bring on ailments such as colds, strep and sore throats.

The best emotional remedies for these suppressed energies are improved communication, creative visualization and exercises that help to reduce negative thoughts, excess worry and fear.

Those whose birthdays fall on the Twelfth of any month are basically conscientious and respected individuals who have a desire to rise to the top. Loving to maintain a good name or reputation, this congenial soul enjoys being the life of the party.

Luck coming from its ruler Jupiter which is the planet of expansion and good fortune, leads Number Twelve through life helping him keep his “nose to the grindstone” ever aware that the beauty is in the details.