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Numerology Newz
December 2017
My dear friends,

Having recovered from the exhaustion of all the Thanksgiving dinner(s), I wanted to visit with you again.

Here is a photo of my Thanksgiving table setting...I have received very nice comments about the pretty pictures I am starting to send so here is another one.

The word to "affirm" means to "to declare positively"! Many wonder "am I declaring correctly?" 

"Is there any special technique to speaking affirmations?"

Here are some steps that might help you with creating your thoughts by speaking to the Universe. Affirmations should be phrased so that they speak the following:

- affirmations are to fit your own PERSONAL needs or provide assistance to others

- affirmations are to accentuate the POSITIVE without every using NEGATIVE phrases. The God Force is LOVE and LIGHT...only POSITIVE

- affirmations are SHORT and SIMPLE

- affirmations always are stated in the PRESENT TENSE with the understanding that the request has already been fulfilled

- affirmations are to create new opportunities

I speak my affirmations OUT LOUD to the Universe daily.

"TODAY (present tense) I AM safe, stable and secure and ALL my needs are met in a perfect way at a perfect time."

Can you believe it! 2018 is just around the corner for all of us!
NOW is the perfect time to schedule your 2018 (12) months CURRENT YEAR READING.

Capricorns will start going through years of readjustments in their lives until December 2020, Sagittarius souls can take a "breather" what can YOU expect in your life for 2018?

                                                    (12) months CURRENT YEAR READING

--- your reading with me on the phone
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This reading would be a perfect Christmas gift for all you care about and want to empower.  
Here are some affirmations that can be used to improve the conditions in your immediate environment...

I AM radiant and a Being of Light and Love.

Miracles happen wherever I go.

All that I need comes to me easily.

Love comes to me easily and effortlessly and I accept it now.

My health and body are perfect and I am stronger every day.

I am now employed in the perfect job for me.

I complete all my work perfectly, quickly easily and effortlessly.

Abundance comes to me effortlessly and I am grateful and I deserve it.

                  ..............THE LIGHT SHALL SET YOU FREE (book)