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Numerology Newz
February 2018
My dear friends,

It is snowing as I write to you…a beautiful Colorado snow storm and we are already up to six inches on the ground with another twenty-four hours to go! Since I do not have to drive in the storm, looking out the windows of the white beauty is such a gift for my soul.

A good friend, who knows I am starting out on a “new beginning” in my life, sent this article to me from a wonderful book and I wanted to share it with you.

The article title (not the book title) is “Do You Want to Live a Long, Happy, and Meaningful Life, Even Up to 120 Years?”

Well I sure do…have said many times I am going to 100+ and in good mental and physical health! (Thought is energy and what we intend we create!)

The author says “it is never too late to feel good about creating something new”. My mother would always chastise me all my years saying “will you ever settle down?” Well, the way my life has moved in such a varied and exciting adventurous way, my answer to her is “NO”…Why should it?

In the summary article of the book I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years …much is devoted to the significance of spiritual growth in people’s later years, whether in the form of oneness with nature, meditation, or other practices.

What is most important, says author Ilchi Lee is …
  -attaining a sense of completion
  -a feeling of unity with the Divine or with the Source of the cosmos.

Completion “is about the world of consciousness, a sense that allows us to feel what is going on inside us”.

It is a feeling of fulfillment filing our hearts, like pride, satisfaction, oneness, and peace . . .

Then I read this in his comments…

“A life of completion is one that allows us, in the moment of death, to look back on our lives, to feel satisfaction and fulfillment and to close our eyes in peace and happiness.”

Tears came to my eyes as I received my friend’s email which included this comment on the very day I was spending in silence in memory of the day my husband had died…that very day. I was with him in those final moments, I had sung him a lullaby for hours and truly his face showed peace and happiness, that it was “all over” and now he could be free to see the angels and the face of God.

The personal lesson I learned through his death experience has helped me so much in my Medium work with clients….I have “been there”….I know the grief….the wondering if our loved ones are “okay”.  Compassion and Understanding were my spiritual lessons to learn.

Here is the link for more guidance from this wonderful book, be sure to watch the video of seven guidances to live by, and then scroll down to order a free chapter for you to download…I sure did.

                                                                                                 MEDIUM READINGS

I LOVE all my readings with “my people” but I especially love doing Medium readings with them. Because I am “connected” intuitively with my guides, angels and loved ones, I know how comforting this “chatting” with them is for me personally.

Please do NOT be scared about having this reading with me. I am the Middle person between YOU and your loved ones….I am the “translator” of what they, in Spirit, want to talk WITH you about…not talk TO you about. A real conversation is part of the visit.

Please go here for more info about my Medium readings and know I am here for you…. 


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“He who limps still walks”…Stanislaw Lec