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Numerology Newz
July 2016

My dear friends,

Gardening is one of my hobbies. This year I branched out into growing vegetables and having a bird feeder.  Well, initially the squirrels and I were "in combat" as they climbed the poles to steal food from the actual bird feeder.

"Action may not always bring happiness but here is no happiness without action"
... Benjamin Disraeli
One morning in my "quiet time", I got the idea to put a rubber tub UNDER the bird feeder as the birds seem not to be the neatest eaters!

Perfect solution! From that time onward to now...the squirrels dive into the rubber tub for the seed scraps, no more pole climbing and for me no more aggravation!  Just wanted to share this solution from Spirit.
Here is a photo of my patio...fabulous to enjoy in the early morning before sunrise...

"Beauty as we feel it is something indescribable ...what it is or what it means can never be said."
                                                                                                                                                 ... George Santayane

(Not all my friends follow me on Facebook, so I wanted to share these stories with them, too)

Several weeks ago, my friend asked me if I wanted another dog? What! Where did that come from! Seems as though she is going through a life transition, has a three year old Labradoodle named Honey that needs a loving home.

She told me that during her meditation one morning, she asked Spirit who to give her Honey to and was told me!

Of course, I said yes to this loving breed and made arrangements for Honey to come here this evening to meet my Golden Retreiver Gracie and get acquainted. This was arranged a few weeks ago.

Then in my "quiet time" Spirit gave me a visualization of two flat hands crossing over each other with the words "one is leaving and one is coming."
I got this message several times!

Was my Golden Retreiver going to pass? She has been doing just fine even for her elderly age. She is so sweet and loving and would be great "mentor" for Honey.

Then, these last two weeks, I began to see a change in Gracie, turning her health for the worse.

Today, this morning, I took her to the vet and put her "down"....she was in bad shape...tears flowed, me, the vet, vet tech. The words from Spirit "one is leaving and one is coming" became true.

I kissed Gracie good-bye, told her she was so loving and loved and thanked her for all she did for me and so many others with her sweet loving ways. Today, this evening Honey is coming to visit with me to come into my life.
Indeed, God closed a door but tonight God is opening a window named "Honey".

Say Hello to Honey....


Last week as I was looking out my kitchen window, this golden Monarch butterfly kept flitting around in my line of vision. I was delighted to see it as they seem to be getting rarer to be seen these days.

Knowing that when Spirit wants to send "gentle signs" to us it will grab our attention somehow.

Butterflies represent TRANSFORMATION in animal symbolism. Hmmm...what does that mean, I pondered while staring at the butterfly floating in the wind.

This morning I awoke in a house with no animals in it. Not since my son was a young man many decades ago have I not had cats and dogs in my home.
This morning I experienced a feeling of ALONENESS not lonliness but an emptiness ... all my cats and dogs have now passed into Spirit. Tears flowed.

In acceptance, I got my first cup of coffee, turned on television and there on PBS was Wayne Dwyer talking about his BUTTERFLY STORY about his good friend who had passed into Spirit....another butterfly getting my attention! What were the chances of that timing!

My new dog Honey came to visit last evening and she is delightful. She comes to stay with me permanently at the end of July. I feel my new cat, a yellow tabby, will join me by Fall...I will have my "family" again.

I the meantime, Spirit and I will have some good conversations I am
sure as to what is next in my life!.




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