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Numerology Newz
July 2017

My dear friends,

As a news “junkie”, I found myself watching one of my favorite financial shows where a commentator whose husband is in manufacturing. The husband was converting his company and products onto a pure digital platform but was still very firm about the need for personal customer service.

I thought to myself…that is what I offer to you.  Sure, you can pay little money and get some computer printout about your Personal year info but that is not personal customer service…you are dealing with a computer printout! Truthfully, I have found that info so confusing even to me!
Readings with me are indeed personal as the multitude of testimonials attest.  You get me personally! You get my voice, my energy, my wisdom and have every opportunity to ask any questions.

I just hate the push this button, that button on a phone call when I want answers to whatever issues I am interested in. Well, folks you have only one direct line to me….NO BUTTONS!

There, just had to share my thoughts…I am always here for you and you know that!

My attitude is that “we are all in the soup together”!


“Yesterday, I was on my way to have lunch with a friend that I've asked to partner with me at the sanctuary, and I listened to your CD on the way over and again on the way back, and it's just amazing how so much of what you said would take place for me is happening right now, especially partnerships!  Thank you so much for lighting the way for us. Blessings”,.. M.C.

“Elizabeth gave me an extremely accurate numerology reading and to my surprise, I got a bonus during our session on the phone when my deceased father decided to show up before she could even begin with the numerology forecast! 
Everything that she said regarding my father and the predictions for the upcoming year were so accurate, that I kept on thinking that I need to schedule another reading with her.  I have had enough readings with other people to know who is legitimate and who is not. 
Elizabeth is by far the most accurate and best reading by far.  I just scheduled another session with her because I really am highly impressed by the work that she does.  Elizabeth is amazing!...
N.P., PA

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Recently, I received an article from a very interesting site out of Australia with the topic of Money and energy.


Here is an excerpt from the article:
“What is it about money that makes the world go round and round but can stop us individuals like a ten ton truck hitting a mountain?
When was the point that we came to the insane conclusion that money firstly is so important and secondly creating money (making it, earning it, having lots of it) is so hard?”

The author presented FOUR TOOLS for us to practice in our attitude about money. I am writing Tool #1 here and the other tools in future newsletters.

TOOL #1....
Be prepared to be more PRESENT than you have even been before.

The way you can change this is to be so present and aware that any time you have ever GIVEN UP, and are about to GIVE UP or have already given up...STOP!

Stop that energy. Stop that POINT OF VIEW AND ASK, “OK, HAVE I GIVEN UP HERE?”

And be ok with the answer, you’re not wrong!

Once you become aware that you have given up, you can change it.

Shift the ENERGY.

Shift your POINT OF VIEW.

Ask “what can I be or do different here this time?’

You have to build a different muscle with money. You have to RESET your brain when it comes to creating a different financial reality.

You truly have to commit to changing it. 

Especially if you have already started with an ‘I have given up already” energy...know this is just a CHOICE. 

Be ready to change your choice and attitude.“
“Don’t think of it as failure but think of it as TIME-RELEASED SUCCESS”                                                          ... Robert Orben

I am always here for YOU!
Hugs and blessings always,