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Numerology Newz
June 2018

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My dear friends,

As a spiritual counselor, with the work that I do, which uses ancient tools, I now find myself having to apply spiritual wisdom to myself and members of my own family.
So many of us come to cross roads in our lives when life changes our directions, be it with relationships, jobs or locations. Resistance is one’s first response usually. No!... then we have our family or friends telling us what to do and even worse, not telling at all leaving us to feel abandoned by them. “Do they not care?” “I am drowning here in not knowing what to do! with my life!” “Where am I supposed to go to live?”
These times are when one’s soul must be our guide. I have told you so often of the practice I have done since the late 1988’s and this practice of the ancient I CHING has guided me through many “storms”.

This practice of meditation is like picking up the phone and talking to one’s soul for guidance dependent upon our humility to do so! Who is in charge here? Not our ego self but our soul which knows where we are going, what we must do, when to “bust a move”.
“You are only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry, and be sure to smell the flowers along the way” …Walter C. Hagen


One of my clients wrote this lovely and powerful book concerning Forgiveness. especially with regards to her relationship with her father. Want to share with you. (Got 5 stars on Amazon!)
The Way Back to My Dad

by Cindy Neal
As all of you know, reading my newsletters and visiting on my Facebook site, I am in the process of big changes and thank God, for the I CHING practice!

Now, a close family member is going through relationship changes that I saw coming, but as many of my readers know, these family folks do not want to know your advice!!! Sometimes, this advice is based on “been there, done that”. The response might be “that was YOU but it is not ME!”

Okay. I had a college professor who always said (made us crazy to hear forever!) “there is nothing new under the sun, just NEW LABELS”)
Here was my guidance for the I CHING today as I was so concerned about my family…

“As fear is incurred when we self-righteously think what people “ought to do”.

Such thinking is interference in their spiritual space.

Not only do they sense our feelings of superiority, our supervisory attitude prevents them from doing what is right of their own will.

This is because it is against a person’s inner dignity to respond servilely to other people’s demands.

Our duty is to truly let people find their own way to doing what is right for THEM and their SOUL’S JOURNEY that they have planned, as soul, to experience, for this lifetime.

ALLOW! Stay out of it!

My heart and mind goes to my family now, I got this guidance from the I CHING to follow…and I will.
  ...Hexagram 10, I CHING, TRANSLATION BY Josepho Murphy

                                                                             “Be still and KNOW that I AM God” …Psalms 46:10

This is my FAVORITE affirmation. I have TWO signs with this guidance imprinted on them in my office.

As I did my daily meditation using the ancient I CHING practice, I was guided to this interpretation of this saying so I wanted to share with you as it calms me down and gets me centered.

“This means to quiet your mind and know your own ‘I-AM-NESS’ is God and that when you say ‘I AM’ you are announcing the Presence of God within you. --- Pure Being, the Self Originating Intelligence, unconditional consciousness, awareness, the Life Principle.
The name of God is the nature of God, as God has no name.
As you realize and give recognition to God in action in your life, you will find everything changing into order and harmony.
Everything negative in your life passes away and you will experience the many blessings of life.”

... Hexagram 12, translation by Joseph Murphy