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March 2016

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My dear friends,

Last week, I pulled into the parking lot of my doctor's office to go have my yearly check up. As the saying goes "after 40, it is all maintenance"!

After turning off the ignition of my car, ready to open the car door, all you know what broke loose!!!
Somehow, I guess I hit the "panic" button on my car key, sirens began to blast, horns were blowing  and I literally did, indeed, go into a panic!

This had never happened to me before and I didn't know how to stop all the noise. The doors locked and I couldn't even get out of my own car! I was feeling so stupid but really afraid.
Expecting police cars to arrive followed by a fire engine any minute, I prayed "angels please help me"!

Within seconds, up walked this short woman with blonde who started shouting at me through the car door glass. "Open your door". " I can't, I am locked in". "Keep hitting the OPEN button on your car key" (all the while sirens, horns, beeping was blasting away.)

Silence! It worked. "That happens to me sometimes she you know what to do"

We laughed at the situation, I calmed down and mentally and emotionally regrouped before going into the office for my tests. Heaven only knows, I didn't want an elevated blood pressure from the entire event!

As she departed and I was thanking her I said to her "you are my angel" thank you.

She just smiled.

As I was leaving my appointment, I saw her sitting the the lobby, we smiled at each other and she said to me "know that I am here if you need me".

Yep, angels are among us! Ask and you shall receive.
Do you know how to feed your Spirit? Try this....

    -      Listen to uplifting music
     -      Sing
     -      Take long, luxurious baths filled with scented bath salts.
     -      Meditate (have "quiet time")
     -      Decorate your home with fresh flowers and potted plants
             (I always say candles and flowers bring the angels)
     -      Do nothing (easier said then done!)
     -      Go for walks
     -      Fill your bedroom with candles and good pillows.
     -      Read exotic travel magazines
     -      Give your body a good workout.
     -      Pray (this is just talking to Your higher self, angels guides)Slow down in  
            everything you do
     -      Laugh
                                                           .... Sonia Choquette, ASK YOUR GUIDES
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From a Tarot perspective, this is the TOWER CARD! YIKES! THE KEYWORD  HERE IS "CHAOS, ENDINGS".

There is a disruption of life on all levels in order to build anew. We see this in the current politics, climate changes, earthquakes, social and economic reformation in US and Europe especially.

From my studies, it seems that the big events will be June 26-August in the US.

The buzzwords for Uranus in Aries are "insurrection and rebellion" we not see this going on.

When the TOWER CARD appears in a client's chart there can be personal relationship betrayals, money losses, trust issues (yikes!) BUT when the time period clears one's life and it always does, the client is far better off ! Hang on!

Uranus is the planet of "uproar", unexpected happenings and since May 28, 2010 will be sitting in Aries (ruled by Mars to god of war) until March 2019.
"In the rush of daily living, it's easy to forget all the remarkable people, real or fictional, who have been a part of your life.
But if you just imagine they are near for a moment, you will realize that anyone who every touched your heart is always with you, patiently waiting to emanate warmth and support whenever you remember to think of them."
... Barbara Sher