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Numerology Newz
March 2017
My dear friends,

We are now in the sign of Aries and I am an Aries...this is my energy month!

When we are in the energies of our sun signs in Astrology, we are really empowered.

The NEW MOON in ARIES is Sunday March 26 but its influence is also strong for about three days into the following week. NEW MOONS are always a time of NEW BEGINNINGS and add that to the sign of Aries and you can really get life rolling in your chosen direction.

Here are some ideas to employ during this Aries New Moon:


The New Moon in Aries marks the start of the New Moon cycle, since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The time for dreaming is over a1nd the time to take action has come. You have a clean slate when it comes to making your New Moon wishes: if you've been lax about doing them, this is the time to get back on board.


This a wonderful time to make a plan for the year ahead. If you're attached, do one plan for yourself and another for you and your partner as a couple. Doing one for work won't hurt either. Aries energy is really impulsive, so you might think it's too high energetically right now to make plans, but with a bit of discipline, anything is possible. The fiery, enthusiastic Aries energy is great for infusing your plans with drive and determination.


If you've been too timid and need courage to move forwards with whatever you're facing, include that in your wish list. Aries is connected to brave Mars, and the energies around the Aries New Moon reflect this. Decide that you can be bolder in life - and then work on it. Aries isn't so much bold as willing to just bowl into anything and everything, without being overly cautious about the results. If you could use a bit more of this impetuousness in your life, now is the time to incorporate it.

Are you having enough fun? Being spontaneous often enough? Think about it and if the answer is 'no', then determine that over the coming weeks, you will make more time for fun. Aries is the child of the zodiac and now is a good time to remind yourself to connect with your inner child.

This is also a time for some focus on yourself and what you need - where you're going and so on. If you give yourself, your wardrobe and your website just one makeover a year, do it now. Aries is traditionally the 'starting' sign, not least because it's the child of the zodiac: it's filled with vim and vigour as it prepares to bust out of the starting gate, and it's not going to worry about going too fast. It just 'does'. Action stations!

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