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Numerology Newz
May 2017
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My dear friends,

Even though the Mercury Retro was over May 4, my life did not get the message! After that day my swamp cooler went wacky and would not cool. 

My computer threw a fit and would not work and took a vacation from my office for what seemed like an eternity! Talk about experiencing "withdraw". I didn't know what to do with myself.
Since my business cell phone is connected to my computer,it could not be re-charged which added to my isolation! Thank heaven for one of my "techy" friends who brought me a wall charger making it fabulous to be able to talk to another human.
All my client reading appointments got cancelled and shifted to the future. I was sad to do that as my folks get so excited to get their readings and now they too were put "on hold".

What next, I wondered? So one afternoon I sat quietly and asked Spirit for guidance.

"We are slowing you down on purpose" I heard. What! "You need a break, mentally and physically and just take things as they come along...all is well". With that spiritual reassurance, I calmed down... stayed "in the moment" and took a mental and physical break from my work.
During this 'vacation time", a good friend of mine gifted me with literally hundreds of plants that needed to be planted in my gardens and this now gave me time to just dig in the dirt, to ground myself and ALLOW Mother Earth to comfort me with her healing energies.

Out came all the summer umbrellas, chairs, grills and a multitude of spray paint cans. I am the Queen of spray painting...anything that looked a bit worn got a new coat of paint!

As I write this to you obviously my computer has returned. My swamp cooler is running full cooling speed and the abundance of plantings are in their perfect places in my gardens.

The lesson in life that I have learned from the study of the ancient I CHING is non-resistance.

ACCEPTANCE and ALLOWING in a spiritual life is the vehicle to a peace-filled human experience.

I guess I need a "refresher" and my soul knew just what to do to get me back on the right path.

"Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds.
A sense of humor is just common sense...dancing."

                                                                                     .... Clive James

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In Chinese philosophy it is said that the slightest wave of the hand moves molecules all the way to the end of the Universe.

It is also true that the slightest change in our INNER ATTITUDE affects those to whom we are connected, however far away they may be.

Should we not, then, be careful of our innermost thoughts?