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May 2018
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My dear friends,

In Esoteric Numerology the Number 13/4 is the Death Card in Tarot. When I am doing a reading where this 13/4 Number is in the chart the first thing I say to my client is “no one is going to die!”

What is going to “die” however, is part of one’s past, life experience, location, etc. This energy is that of major transition.
“It’s always something!”   … Gilda Radner
Some folks find it difficult to know they are WORTHY of love and appreciation and in this case they have a tendency to give themselves away too cheaply. This self-worth issue is 12/3 in Numerology and the Hanged Man card in Tarot which brings issues of “attitude adjustment through reversals of situations going on in one’s life at the time”.

This “selling out of self” also creates the possibility of Karma 14/5 of usury and manipulation of others to get what one wants in life, thinking they can’t do it themselves.

“Shamed” individuals beg for approval by under-valuing themselves. Know that you heal yourself by ACCEPTING yourself…let go and do not resist remembering that “a goose is a goose”!

“GOD IS… I AM… WE ARE ONE” …Seraphim Julian

“I am what I am, and what I am has a spark of the God Force in it and the God Force is all compassion and forgiveness.

If I can align with that compassion and forgiveness, I can forgive myself and go past my shame”.
In their book REBIRTH OF THE ORACLE TAROT FOR THE MODERN WORLD, authors Alessi and McMillan write that the Death Card energy consists of four elements:

-      It must affect your day-to-day living
-      Your personal relationships
-      Your financial situation
-      Your personal empowerment

The authors continue that “these types of transition events are the same ones often associated with the highest stress situations.”
The authors continue that “these types of transition events are the same ones often associated with the highest stress situations.”

Many folks are uncomfortable with CHANGES in their comfy lives but the outcome of this transit is a rebirth to a better situation. There is a renewal at all levels with the Death Card Number 13/4.

The basic Number 4 is a code for “house” and many will move during this time transit.

Always remember, you do indeed always have control over any change situation just stay focused and trust your journey to your new life.

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A wonderful book and easy reading is HEALING THE SHAME THAT BINDS YOU by John Bradshaw.

This book will help you get your head around the problems of toxic shame (that probably was imposed upon you in childhood!)
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