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Numerology Newz
November 2016

My dear friends,

Please forgive me for posting this information that seems like bragging, but I have such faith in the accuracy of my Numerology and Tarot interpretations of ancient formulas I use in my work, that I just had to speak out about my prediction of Donald Trump winning the Presidency which I calculated months ago!

My conclusions were very objective and I also calculated yet again that Hillary Clinton would not be elected as I had in 2008 also.

I saw the months when Donald Trump would stop the "nonsense" and get down to business and saw that a "new beginning" was coming to him in November.

Many of my friends and clients were "a mess of worry" that Mr. Trump would not be elected and I kept firm..."just hang in there" I would say.

An abundance of articles from astrologers and psychics with their predictions of Hillary's win crossed my desk but I held firm in my own calculations

Interpreting my advanced Numerology formulas, I will tell you that Hillary Clinton's 69 yr. of age (now) will not be pleasant for her...I would not want to be her! She is in a Nine Personal year of "endings, material downsizing, government interventions and dramas!". Yikes!

Donald Trump's Number codes for his 70th year of age indicate "a period of awakenings when new plans and ambitions can be put into action".

All is and will be well... stay in the NOW and believe in YOURSELF and our wonderful country!

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