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Numerology Newz
October 2017

My dear friends,

So many of us are confused about this "fifth dimension" stuff so I thought I would just give you some concrete ideas about all of this energy elevation going on in our souls. This is an article I have which I do not have the author but want to share with you...3,4,5 Dimensions!

"Some wisdom givers describe the world's dimensions as layers of reality based on a range of vibrational frequencies. We are all very familiar with the three dimensions of our physical realms...width, height and depth.

The Fourth Dimension sometimes thought of as the dimensions of also sometimes referred together as the Third Dimension as the space-time continuum.

On its own, it is also described as the realm of the sub-conscious, emotion and illusion "the Fourth Dimension is our dream world, sometimes acting as a bridge between the physical world, the world we can see and feel and the realm of the Spirit.

The majority of people now on earth have begun to vibrate to a higher frequency than ever before.

We are a species as moving into the realm of higher Spiritual consciousness and are now into the Fifth Dimension, the infinite frequency of God's creation beyond space and time.

Within this dimension for life oneness with Spirit and reverence are the only realities.

We must set aside anxiety and fear of the unknown and give ourselves permission to create from Love and Light rather than negativity.

We have to remember that each of us is an instrument of Spirit, capable of the most exquisite creativity. We are able to transmit LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and the blessings of light THROUGH THE MAGIC OF OUR COMPASSION.

We are fully responsible for our reality as instruments of God's power and must take our own power seriously."(#8)
"I am now living in the 5th dimension awareness of LOVE and PEACE, doing everything necessary to bring forth ABUNDANCE, FULFILLMENT and JOY to myself and always for others."
Astrologically this is exciting news for no matter what sign you are in either Sun, Rising or Moon sign, this is good for every sign.

Jupiter was on the move into Scorpio starting Oct. 10, 2017 until Nov. 8, 2018! 

Yeah! 13 months....not only will Scorpios be greatly influenced but so will all the signs in what should be a positive way....Yeah!
"I am now seeing reality through the eyes of my SOUL and I GIVE THANKS."

OCTOBER 26, 2017
According to Susan Miller, Astrologer...." we have the luckiest day of the year, October 26. By then the Sun will be in Scorpio, and so will Jupiter; on this fantastic day, the Sun will multiply the goodness of Jupiter many times over. 

This day will be great for buying a charity raffle ticket, a scratch-off lotto ticket (where you can control the day you would win - it has to be October 25 or October 26 or October 27, giving the luckiest day of the year a plus or minus one day).

ALSO ..."There are many other ways to use these sparkling days, October 26, plus or minus one day. On the luckiest day of the year you can apply for a mortgage, buy or sell a house or condo, choose the contractor you will use for a renovation, buy or sell furniture, or sign up with Airbnb. It's also the right time to apply for aid if you have been a victim of a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Also, on your luckiest days of the year, use these days to interview for a job or to negotiate your compensation for a new job. You can sign a contract, ask the bank for a line of credit, apply for a scholarship, or reassess your investment with your advisor. You can also use these days to travel because Jupiter will work to expand your horizons. You can even use these days - especially October 27 - for a first date, and that includes a first meeting in a coffee shop."

Now is the time for you to schedule your

Especially those born from AUGUST TO JANUARY!

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"If God came in and said, I want you to be happy for the rest of your life' what would you do?"
...Bernie Siegel