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Numerology Newz
September 2017

My dear friends,

Many of you journal and many of you wish you had a way to connect with your Spirit Guides. I thought I would suggest a “tool” for you to use to do so.

AUTOMATIC WRITING is a wonderful way to write messages from your guides. Many writers, including me, use this device in communicating our thoughts to others from the Spirit world.

- Work in a quiet, uninterrupted space
- Light a white votive candle
- Say a blessing to bring in only the highest guides for your question
- Write your question (s), one at a time and then LIFT YOUR PEN AND RELAX.
- Hold your pen STILL but LOOSELY in your hand and be ready for your guides to take over and respond to your questions by writing
  back to you. (I recommend you keep a journal of their transmissions.)

                                                       DON’T CENSOR WHAT YOU hear or THINK you are making things up.

Guidance will be SUBTLE and feel natural.

When the flow of thoughts ends, put your pen down and read what you have written.

Keep all writings in a journal and re-look at them after a later time if information is not making sense right now. (Remember, there is no time in the Spirit world)

If you don’t feel comfortable about what was written and still after a period of time, burn the writings.

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Movie Recommendation:

A friend of mine had recommended I watch the movie COLLATERAL BEAUTY and NOW I suggest you do so also.

This is a film that you need to just sit and watch as there are many deeper, spiritual messages I would not want you to miss. As I became more and more involved in the story, I began to realize themes that so many of us have in our lives.

One that I clearly recognized was about "family"...a woman who realized she was past the time in her life to have her own children.

The wisdom filled line that was eventually spoken to her is what I also share with my female clients with the same concerns..."Family doesn't need to come FROM can come THROUGH you."

Be in service to all you meet as they become your family to love, cherish and care for. You then can become the "mother" you have always wanted to be.

Dear friends, I don't know about you, but I have had several "scam" phone calls lately, often coming from an phone number that shows up as UNKNOWN. I have decided to let these calls go to my voicemail, instead of answering them. So, if your phone number happens to show up as UNKNOWN, I am not ignoring you.
Please leave me a voicemail message and I will return your call as soon as I can.
"Have the COURAGE of your convictions and speak YOUR TRUTH.
Do not worry about whether or not others approve of you.
What matters most of all is to LIVE IN HARMONY WITH YOURSELF. Your life will then unfold in exactly the right way."
  . . . Ancient I CHING