"Thanks Elizabeth,
you were awesome.
I learned so much about
myself and what I'm
really here to do in
this lifetime."

Donna F., CO

"Elizabeth, you're the
BEST! Thanks!"

Melisa P., CO

"You were right on
the money with the
insights you gave me.
It was amazing."

Rowe L., CO

"My reading was very validating. I knew when
I left that I was heading
in the right direction.
It was great. Thanks!"

Barb C., WA

"I really enjoyed my reading from you.
It explained so much what had happened in my life. You are great at what you do."

B.S., CO

"One thing you told me is already happening! You are off the chart!"

K.D., CO

Elizabeth accepts the
following payment
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Many friends have contacted Elizabeth with specific personal and/or business questions needing guidance from Spirit.

Working with the angels and guides, Elizabeth has brought through information that brings peace and comfort.

Using her gift as a Medium, Elizabeth has been able to help many friends and decided to offer her gift to all souls.

We...Spirit and I ...will help you all we can but know it is up to you to interpret the information and use your free will to follow or not to follow the guidance offered.
$125.00 for a 45 minute phone consultation
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- Complete the "Reading Request" form below

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- Checks accepted. For mailing address, please email:

- Elizabeth will CALL you to set up your appointment time
- 10:00 am or 2:00 pm MT is when Elizabeth would schedule your reading

Then you. . .

- Prepare 1 - 2 questions to ask Spirit in your consultation

Readings are recorded and an mp3 will be emailed to you the same day.
A CD of your reading will be mailed to you as a bonus.

Elizabeth Summers is available as a guest speaker to groups, individual private readings, seminars, Numerology parties, radio guest appearances. Call
303-702-5420 for additional information
Psychic Intuitive Testimonials:

"Thank you so very much for bringing through my guides to help my understand this very confusing time I am going through right now. I was very honored to be in the presence of these loving beings and have been given a great gift because of your abilities and service to help others. I now have a direction and even better, I now know my primary guide by name and I have begun to "train" myself to have regular conversations with this loving being.
Thank you for being such a blessing to humanity."
... C.S., PA

Elizabeth gave me an extremely accurate numerology reading and to my surprise, I got a bonus during our session on the phone when my deceased father decided to show up before she could even begin with the numerology forecast!  Everything that she said regarding my father and the predictions for the upcoming year were so accurate, that I kept on thinking that I need to schedule another reading with her.  I have had enough readings with other people to know who is legitimate and who is not.  Elizabeth is by far the most accurate and best reading by far.  I just scheduled another session with her because I really am highly impressed by the work that she does.  Elizabeth is amazing!
... N.P., PA

"Elizabeths Intuitive reading is really spot on.  She knew one of my questions before I asked it because Spirit already told her Spirit and Elizabeth provided a very detailed response to my short and concise question.  It really helped me solidify what I was already knowing should be my direction and they guided me to it.  I am implementing what my guides stated should be done and gave me peace of mind on my second question.  I know when in doubt I will go to Elizabeth and Spirit for more guidance.  Thanks Elizabeth for providing this awesome new service."
... R.W., VA

"I had the great good fortune to receive Elizabeth Summer's Intuitive Psychic Reading. She worked with her guides and mine and participating archangels and spoke as if she was sitting within the internal chamber of my soul. From her first words she was a spokeswoman for what my soul and higher self wanted to say out loud.

I was having internal difficulties in allowing myself to know and follow my inner guidance and in her function, Elizabeth brought it all into the Light and then some! Everything she spoke was completely right on and accurate. Now I get to put all of it into action and to enjoy doing so. Elizabeth's communication with me resolved an internal conflict and I am so thankful for her help and her friendship with my soul."
... M.E., WI

"I recently used Elizabeth for her intuitive abilities concerning a business matter.  She was given only 1 sentence and she described the complete situation accurately in great detail.  I will use her again and highly recommend her to others."
...G.Y., CO
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