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The Magical World of Numbers Radio Shows
Letter L, Number 12/3 . . . Attitude Drives your Destiny                                  
Welcome to The Magical World of Numbers Radio Shows by Elizabeth
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Each recording is approximately 60 minutes in length. 


“I listened to this for a second time & to be 100% honest you helped me so much with my emotional day. Lately I have been truly hating myself & being unhappy with my life but this reading helped me sort out a few of the recurring trends in my life (I was born on the 18th) and I just wanted to say thank you. I love you & I love your readings :)"

“First of all, I have to gush and tell you how much I love listening to you and your shows on YOUTUBE! I can listen to the same ones over and over and always gather something new I missed the first time.”... J.R.S.

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Number 17/8 . . . Spirituality & Real Abundance
Number 5, Number 9 and Anger Management                             
Letter "Q", the Star Card and the connection between Spirituality and New Beginnings                       
Letter "J", the Wheel of Good Fortune and Money Energy                         
Number 27. . . New Beginnings through Changes, Endings & the Ace of Wands                           
Letter B, K, T . . . Say "NO" and Set Your Boundaries                           
Letter M . . . Number 13 and the Death Card                           
Letters F, O, & X . . . Responsibility and the Lovers Card                     
Number 29 . . . Business and Personal Partnership and Choices                         
Letters H, Q & Z . . . "Let's get organized"                     
Secret Codes in your Birth Name                       
Letter "L". . . "Birds of a feather flock together"                  
Double & Triple Numbers . . . Angels & Guides are talking to You!                       
Number 3, Letter "C" asking "Are you a Medium?"                    
Number 18, Gratitude through Loss                     
Number 11, Karmic partners, Soul Mates or Twin Souls?                    
Number 9, Forgiveness, Victim or Vic-tor?                   
Aquarius and the Mercury Retrograde                       
Number 1, Number 7. . . Acceptance & the Lesson of Bad Days                      
New Beginnings . . . in Peace or in Pieces?              
Number 24 . . . the Love Vibration, Christmas Memories                       
Self-Empowerment, New Directions & the beautiful Star Card                   
The Challenge of Number 3 and "People Pleasing"                  
Number 3, Letter C and the "Smiley Face" Energy                      
Balance Partners, Depression, Dreaming & Exhaustion                   
Relationships, Soul Mates & Twin Flames                      
Number 11/2, Spirit Guides & Earth Angels                    
Number 2, Letter B, Victim or Negotiator                      
Numbers 1, 10, 19 & 28 . . . Big Summary of Courage & Self-Empowerment                       
First Letter, First Name . . . Attitude, Attitude, Attitude                        
Number 19/1, Letter S, One of the "Nasties" of Karma                      
Number 10, Letter J, & Good Karma                   
Number 1 - Independence . . . "Westward Ho the Wagons"                    
Forgiveness vs. Ego and Control                      
Number 27 . . . Being ready to Tackle the World and Inspire Others                   
Number 18 . . . The Good, the Bad & The Ugly                  
Number 9 . . . Tying Up Loose Ends & Letting Go                     
Number 26/8, Karma, Saturn & "Boot Camp"                       
Letter "H", Power & Birthdays                      
Number 16/7, Letters G, P & Q and your Intuitive Abilities                        
Number 16/7, Letter P, and Nasty Karma                    
Number 7, Letter G and Greta Garbo                    
Number 14/5 . . . Letter N, Abuse & Addiction                     
Number 3                     
Number 25 . . . Choices through Challenges and Change
Number 19, Letter R. . .Gratitude through Material Loss