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Elizabeth Offers the following types of Numerology Readings
Medium Readings (also called Channelings)

12 Month Current Year

6 Month Transit


Based on your name and date of birth, the unique combination of your numbers can be translated into a chart that will help you to understand your life, career, personal relationships, and even yourself on a deeper level.

During a full reading with me, you will learn which number is influencing which viewpoint. I can offer guidance about the journey of your soul in this lifetime as it differs from other lifetimes, and help you understand your challenges and strengths.

Elizabeth has the gift of communicating with the Spirits of your loved ones, as well as Spirit Guides and Angels. 

Visit with loved ones who have crossed over into the Spirit world. Elizabeth asks in her intention with each reading that she be a clear channel between the love ones in spirit and her human vistor.
Providing the Energy in a Business Name
Date to Start a Business
Date to Get Married
House Number Meanings
Personal Private Consultations
Numerology Workshops
Webinars on Working with Spirit
Numerology Workbooks
Numerology Greeting Cards
Daily Number Wisdom Guidance
Monthly Newsletters about a Spiritual Life

Other Services Elizabeth Offers:
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Elizabeth Summers is available as a guest speaker to groups, individual private readings, seminars, Numerology parties, radio guest appearances. Call
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