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A Natal reading presents the raw materials that you have chosen to use as building blocks for this current incarnation. These “tools” are found in your birth information...the challenges, the gifts, the karma (if any) and much more.

A Natal reading outlines how the overall shape of these tools create your personality. A Natal reading provides the “blueprint” for building your life.

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Special Offer
Full reading only $150
($175 value)
expires Sunday, March 18, 2018
Elizabeth Summers is available as a guest speaker to groups, individual private readings, seminars, radio guest appearances. Call 303-702-5420 for additional information.
What makes this offer SPECIAL FOR YOU:
Elizabeth Summers combines ancient Number information, Astrology, (when birth location and time is provided) in a very comprehensive report to help CLARIFY your life time adventure.

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(2) Checks accepted and contact Elizabeth for the USPS address. Call: 303-702-5420 or email:
What is included in this reading offer:

---- A personal PHONE READING with Elizabeth
---- An mp3 download of your reading the same day
---- A CD mailed to you through USPS

Also included are multiple pages of information further explaining the blueprint of your lifetime, emailed directly to you:

---- Life path issue to improve upon experientially and career-wise
Your Soul Number which is your "emotional self" and also indicates past lives energetically
Outer Energy info... how others see you
Path of Destiny Number...t he direction you are to follow with your tools
Maturity Number... what you are here to be when you "grow big"!
Challenges or "stumbling blocks" to overcome.
---- Any
Karmic indicators in your chart you need to overcome