I have been listening to a tape from a reading in 2005 for the last 3 1/2 months of 2012 and so much of it has come true, with struggles. She has inspired me to come back for another reading, she has changed my life in so many ways. It's kinda like a lightbulb coming on! It has helped me after 7yrs see a new light. Elizabeth will get you on the right path you just have to give her a chance. You will be amazed. I love her with all my heart. Thank you so much Elizabeth, I cant wait to speak with you.
. . . D.A. UT
Client Testimonials
A few words about Elizabeth's work
“Not only are Elizabeth's observations right-on and pertinent, her sense of humor and articulate delivery make a session with her fun and non-threatening, even when she speaks about areas that may be troubling.  She definitely harnesses a non-judgmental, helpful and reassuring perspective that releases depressive tendencies and makes it easier to understand how to maximize the forces operating in our lives at a given time.  She's a great find and definitely a bridge over troubled waters!“
M.W., CO
“I have had several readings from Elizabeth and it never ceases to amaze me as to how accurate she is. She is very talented and gifted. If you want the best numerology reading or channeling, you have got to make an appointment with her. She is amazing!!”
… M.P., CO
“Her individual attention to me was above and beyond anything I could have expected, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Elizabeth is truly amazing!! We found her website again through Google”
K.V.,  CA

“I was most impressed with Elizabeth Summers work the first time she did a numerological reading for me.  She basically told me about my life from birth until that present moment.  She did not know me, yet found so many attributes through my numbers that really hit the mark.  Since then, I have had a reading each year from her and always am very excited to hear what the numbers may support for that year.   Elizabeth is dedicated, witty, and enthusiastic about her work.  She pours her heart into it and will always be honest about what the numbers indicate to her.  I have the utmost respect for her and her work.  I encourage anyone thinking about doing a reading to consult with Elizabeth.  It will open your eyes to very important things about yourself.”
… B.V., CO
“I love Elizabeth, she is very accurate, I see her every year at the Denver Metaphysical fair and can't wait. I also get her daily e-mails I love them too. I plan on seeing her at the Denver fair next March if she is there. Best money I've spent"
K.P., SD
“Elizabeth is an extremely intuitive numerologist. Her readings are fascinating, uplifting, accurate and very useful.  Elizabeth has a wonderful sense of humor and has a way of making you feel good even when she is scolding you!  LOL!!  You know she is always on your side and does everything with your highest good as her motivation.  I highly recommend her!  Enjoy your reading!!!”
... D. M.,  NC

“Over the years I've invested some money in what Elizabeth had to say.  This year I needed a little more insight so I contacted her right away.  I listened to her CD over and over to keep the information firmly in my sights.  She was right.  This is a quiet year for me...to look...to learn...to listen...to make choices.  I sometimes get caught up in the barrage of life’s information.  Being a Libra I then don't know what choices to make. Her information has made this year's difficulties much easier. She told me that in the month of July it would be important to pay attention while driving.  I made the decision that every time I get in the Jeep I stop and make sure I'm fully present before I drive.  It has served me well.

If I wanted to be victimized by a fortune teller I'm sure I could find one.  But I'd rather spend my money with someone who 1) actually cares about helping me help myself and 2) uses science (albeit one not endorsed by the general public) to help me see life's challenges as useful instead of being victimized by them.”
  …D.E.,  TX
“I was led to Elizabeth Summers by someone else who thought I could use a reading...I contacted Elizabeth and had no expectations...I thought her reading for me was crazy stuff and then everything she said would happen...happened...I continue to be grateful for Elizabeth's gifts...the word is amazing and then there's loving, and honesty, and humor, empathy, integrity...just have her do a reading for you and you'll see she is really good at what she does.”
…V.O’D., NY
“I encourage anyone who is thinking of getting a reading from Elizabeth to do it!  Over the years I have had many readings from psychics and astrologers and have not had one as pertinent and useful as the readings she has done for me.  Elizabeth has been a guiding light through problems and issues in my life, validating what I already know and giving me insight into things I don't, and always with great care and compassion.  So get a reading - you won't regret it!”
L.A., CO             

“I've only had one reading from Elizabeth Summers. It was filled with plenty of information.... answers and direction.  The only thing is... I wished I listened to her advice. I received a 6 months reading at that time and she was right on... but ... didn't know it until I looked back and looked at what she told me. If I had only listened at the time, I would have avoided many struggles. I have gone back to listen several times and found I have been doing exactly what she said I would be doing.... I'll never forget her tone of voice and the words... "All I see is...Travel, travel, travel ".... and that is exactly what I have been doing.  I didn't believe her when she said it.  As a matter of fact I was very confused by it. But she was so very right!  I will for sure be getting a new reading soon... I'm finally ready to listen this time”
R. M., CA
“If you are lucky enough to have a session with Elizabeth Summers, you will not be disappointed!  She is one of the best numerologists I have ever met, her presentation is delightful, her information is spot on, and she is great about answering follow-up questions to help clarify any situation.  Don't hesitate to contact her for help in whatever area of your life you might have concerns or questions about!  I recommend her services highly.”
...J.H.,  AZ
“Elizabeth, I listened to this year's reading twice - taking notes. You give so much. At the end, tears flowed from my eyes. Thank you for your love and support.”
… L.W.,  FL
Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this information and for my reading.  It was wonderful and I truly loved connecting with you!  I will follow the guidance you gave - you are very authentic and genuine and I’m most grateful!
.. P.J., CO
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“Elizabeth, Thank you so much for my reading today. You really are just fabulous. I am sure we will talk again. Thank you for all you do for all us in so many different ways!!!!”
P K., FL
"Dear Elizabeth - I have just read all of the marvelous information you sent to me, and again, I have to tell you what a wonderful reading you did for me and how much I appreciate you.  Thank-you for clearing up hidden worries, and clarifying so much for me.  Like I said --you are truly a blessing to us all.  Peace, love, joy to you"
G.H., IL
“An amazing Master, Esoteric, Numerologist, Elizabeth Summers, a woman I feel a deep soul connection to even though we have as yet, never met, hit the nail right on the head when she told me that I busily psychologize and make pancakes for everyone else but that I don’t seem to notice my own pain or the fact that I am starving to death.  Although she is extremely accurate, I doubt that even she knew the far reaching implications of what she had said at that time.  She’s really fantastic…check her out!”
...N.B, CO

"I was about to get my yearly reading from Elizabeth and I picked up the phone with eager anticipation. Elizabeth said, “before we begin, your Mother is here and has a message for you.” That message healed a lifelong issue between my mother and I.  Thank you Elizabeth for delivering a message of love from my Mother that changed my life forever.”
Elizabeth recently gave me a current year transit reading.  I've already listened to my download three times, and am grateful for the insights she provided.  The information was spot on as it relates to issues I'm currently facing, and will be facing, in the next several months.  I've had a natal reading and a current year transit reading with Elizabeth before. Yesterday, the accompanying information packet arrived in the mail, and I immediately read through it...twice.  And I took notes.   Elizabeth has taught me so much, and helped me trust in my own intuition related to various relationships in my life.  If a reading is not for you right now, I recommend her weekly radio show, which you can stream online - she shares invaluable information about numerology and how it relates to our everyday life.  Elizabeth is a gifted teacher and I am so grateful that I found her.
... M.B.L, PA

Greetings Elizabeth,
I am so grateful for your reading the other day and all your business wisdom that I will create into reality. I had my grandson after our session the the following day so my mind is now a little unclear all the suggestions you mention so I am so looking forward to mp3 reading to listen to it again!
I do recall the importance of making my name stand out. Interesting someone said this to me last Autumn the importance of this as well. I humbly shied away from this but after our session it became crystal clear. Your reading has given me the insight and support I was needing to move forward. Your leadership and success is encouraging and supportive to my own path.  Thank you!
...V.M., NV
After my reading with Elizabeth, all I could say was "WOW"!  This was the most intense reading I have ever had.  She gave me so much insight and understanding about why I am struggling so much in this life because of what my soul has experienced in previous lives.  I feel I have awakened and have a new awareness to move forward and embrace what I experience knowing that it is best for me...my soul!  I have scheduled a reading for my Love.  We are excited to hear what she has to say for him!
... G.B., CO

The very first reading I had with Elizabeth was 30 minutes and blew me away with its accuracy. Elizabeth gave me the cliff notes of my life without ever meeting me before or asking any questions. That was a few years ago and as I look back in time, Elizabeth has nailed every event in my life. This is not ouiji board stuff folks, it's  centuries old equations mixed with Elizabeth's intuitive insights. She is not a fortune teller, just an interpreter of facts, the facts of your life. How you choose to use them is up to you. After all life is all about choices.  Elizabeth gives us a syllabus, a guide map persay. I never miss getting my chart read every year and highly recommend it along with a complete natal reading.
...D.S, IA
"I think of you often but rarely have a minute to follow up regarding the current year readings you have done for me. Only recently I started making a habit of re-listening to them every other month. Since you provide so much detail by month I have found the information to be spot on and an invaluable resource.. I don't know how you do it, every single thing you say happens; good and bad. When I took heed to your advice for caution it's worked out perfectly, and to my advantage. Right now I'm under the  "wheel of fortune" card per the reading, It is beyond my wildest expectations." ..... R.W., CA
“I just listened to a reading you did for me three years ago and it was so precise in
retrospect. Excited to do it again!”
H.E. , CO
“Hi Elizabeth:  It's time for my yearly reading - I cannot wait to see what this year has in store.  Past readings have been spot on;)  I look forward to speaking to you!
Thanks. “
.... M.L., PA

“I wanted to say thank you so much for my reading two months ago. It was my first ever, and the insight into the issues in my life has helped me immensely. I am so grateful.
You have helped to see what I couldn't see. You have helped me start to heal and find myself again. And you have helped me to find the path to what I am meant to do on this earth.Everything you told me is coming to fruition. Everything. At first, I didn't understand. I had to listen to my CD about 10 times before I could really get a grasp on concepts I had never heard about.I am awakening, and it is all because of you. Thank you for being you, and sharing your gift for our benefit. “
… L.C., CO

I just can't thank you enough for such a great reading for my cousin June.  Her Uncle Charlton coming through was so touching, and just what she needed.  I will definitely give more gift readings.  You are wonderful!
Thank you again and again"
... M.C., S.C.
I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how grateful I am for the amazing reading.  I have listened to my reading again and I'm gaining great benefit, insight and positive momentum.  Thank you soooo much I really needed that.  There are still more questions, so I'm saving up some money to be able to call again. Again, big hug of gratitude Elizabeth.  Thanks for your awesomeness!!
...D.B, CA
“I just wanted to share with you that you had predicted my mom might pass in January or February of this year. She made her transition on January 28, and because I had some foreknowledge of what might happen and listened to my own intuition, I didn’t even hesitate to make arrangements for a flight home to see her before she passed.”
...A., CO
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Hope you're enjoying this #9 day. Yesterday, I was on my way to have lunch with a friend that I've asked to partner with me at the sanctuary, and I listened to your CD on the way over and again on the way back, and it's just amazing how so much of what you said would take place for me is happening right now, especially partnerships!  Thank you so much for lighting the way for us. Blessings,
"Thank you so very much Elizabeth. Wow all of this is so spot on. It gives me a lot to think about and understand more clearly. You are amazing. Thank you again so much for everything :)"
J.F. , CO