My dear friends,

Recently, I was going through articles I had written over the years and came across a “transmission” from Edgar Cayce! I had received about my mother’s passing on March 22, 2012.

Although he talked about personal issues connected between my mother and I, he did share wonderful information that I really want to share with all of you who have had loved ones pass into Spirit. However, there can also be grief about many turning points in one’s life. This transmission information applies to divorces, jobs ending, animals passing away, on and on.

“There is much that can be learned from the grieving process. One can become totally engrossed in their grieving, no matter what it is that they are mourning.

They can CHOOSE to stand for a moment, bless themselves and the person (job, marriage, location) that/who has “left” them as you call it, for they are never gone forever, and move forward bettering themselves for the improvements they have to make in their lives because of the lessons.


They can stand for many days, not moving forward and indulging in SELF-PITY. 

Why do they pity themselves…for they had an IDEAL of that/what their life was SUPPOSED to be and are DISAPPOINTED that they did not have what they thought they needed.

However, in all actuality, it is/was the perfect relationship that they had in that MOMENT OF TIME.

It was for their HIGHEST GOOD and GREATEST JOY if they CHOOSE to learn and move forward.

Not making this choice can turn to be self-destructive and can cause a great deal of pain and anguish…again if the CHOICE to do so is made.

To move out of the self-pity and self-destruction is more difficult to do than to avoid going in that direction in the FIRST PLACE!

To make the BEST OF THE SITUATION is the WISEST CHOICE, but as I have mentioned, there are those humans that will not make this choice.

LOVE THEM ANYWAY and move forward yourselves…do not get caught up in the circumstances and the “drama” of others, even if those others are siblings, as they have a different perspective and a different choice to make as individuals.” …. Edgar Cayce

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