Angel Protection

My dear friends,

Last Saturday was “errands day” for me. My lists in hand, I settled into my car for the trip. I always call in my Angels and Guides when I go out driving to protect me on the road.

Here, there and everywhere, I traveled that afternoon, starting and stopping filling the car with loads of “essentials”.  I drove home, parked at my FRONT DOOR and started to unload the purchases in their first trip into the house.

Physically exhausted by this time, out I went to get another load of goodies, ready to repark my car and “click, click, click”! The battery was DEAD! What! Panic immediately set it. I am very good at a lot of things but car mechanics sets me into a frenzy.

The bottom line is that my fabulous female friend who knows all about car mechanics, calmed me down, went and got the appropriate new battery, installed it! for me and all was well again.

However, the moral of the story is that my Angels and Guides brought me home, to my front door before the battery would die ( which they already knew) but I would be safe, just as I had asked them when starting out.

That battery could have died at any number of places I had traveled that day, but it died at my front door!!!

Really! Be sure to always ask your Angels and Guides to protect you when you are driving about. “Ask and you shall receive” is your motto.
Speaking about moving around….so many people are doing just that looking for me homes, apartments, offices, etc.
It is important to know that every property carries an ENERGY and the final total of the property address indicates what that energy is. So uncanny but true.

What does your property or residence say about the influences around you?

My booklet of HOUSE NUMBERS will give you that energy information in a “nutshell” .



My thoughts for you today...

Hugs and blessings always,

Elizabeth Summers

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