Ask for guidance from Spirit!

Many friends have contacted Elizabeth with specific personal and/or business questions needing guidance from Spirit.

Working with the angels and guides, Elizabeth has
brought through information that brings peace and comfort.
Using her gift as a Medium, Elizabeth has been able to help many friends and decided to offer her gift to all souls.

Here's How It Works

– prepare 1 – 2 questions to ask Spirit in your
– readings are recorded and an mp3 sent to you the same day
– a CD of your reading will be mailed to you via USPS.
– Elizabeth will CALL you to set up the appointment time
– 10:00 am or 2:00 pm MT is when Elizabeth would schedule your reading


$125.00 for a 45 minute phone consultation

– to pay for your reading with PayPal: CLICK HERE
– checks accepted. For mailing address, please email: 
  can be found at: 
“Thank you so very much for bringing through my guides to help my understand this very confusing time I am going through right now. I was very honored to be in the presence of these loving beings and have been given a great gift because of your abilities and service to help others. I now have a direction and even better, I now know my primary guide by name and I have begun to “train” myself to have regular conversations with this loving being. Thank you for being such a blessing to humanity.” C.S., PA

We...Spirit and I ...will help you all we can but know it is up to you to interpret the information and use your free will to follow or not to follow the guidance offered.

Hugs and blessings always,