My dear friends,
All my readings are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience as often as you wish. Having said that, I go through a lot of AAA Duracell batteries in the process. An issue I kept having was I had no way to know if there was enough “juice” in the battery for the day’s readings.


On YouTube, I found my answer and want to share it with you, too.


Take your battery, stand it upright on a hard surface on the battery’s FLAT end.
   If the battery flops over, it is done…do not use it anymore.
   If the battery stands up straight, however, like a little soldier, it still can be useful!
Wow!!! I tried it on my collection of used batteries and sure enough…It worked! Some batteries stood up and some just flopped over, totally out of energy! 
As I sat in my office, looking at the collection of “spent” and still “energized” batteries, I thought to myself…

this is how so many people are feeling right now”….energetically “spent”, cannot stand up to life anymore as they once did and just need to “flop over” and rest from their lives.”

You cannot give what you do not have.  STOP, SIT, stare at the SKY, be in SILENCE.  The ancient I Ching practice teaches that “Silence is restorative”. This ancient philosophy also teaches that “within every situation is the solution”.
But… order for your angels and guides to “get through to you” with the solutions, you must be CALM.  Stay out of your head.
Believe and remember that you have made it this far and always remember….”The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall NOT WANT!”
Hugs and blessings always, 
Elizabeth Summers
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