Calling Scorpios

My dear friends,
Calling all Scorpios! (October 20-November 20)
Now is YOU POWER TIME! When a soul is “in its sun sign” it is in its power. However, we are all in Scorpio influences right now, too.
We are in the Sun sign of Scorpio, the New Moon in the sign of Scorpio and the upcoming Mercury retrograde in the sign of Scorpio! Yikes!
Scorpio is ruled by the energy of Pluto that rules “death and rebirth”. In my opinion, Scorpio is the most challenging sign for a lifetime. These souls draw into their lives, memories, attitudes, relationships…you name it…from OTHER LIFETIMES that just show up and Scorpios have to deal and grow from and through them.
Now, all of us do this very thing, but Scorpios, in the past, have had some nasty issues that now need to be cleared up.
There are three symbols for the sign of Scorpio…
Scorpion , Phoenix, Eagle.
Many souls, as Scorpio, can come close to destroying their lives in so many ways. This is the Scorpion phase. Once they move from the “dark side” of their lives, they become like “Phoenix rising from the ashes.”
As these souls continue to move towards the spiritual life and its values, they become the Eagle, soaring to the higher vibrations that takes them closer to God.
All you Scorpios, know there is hope…keep going and know that you and Mother/Father God can do everything! Stay present and stay in the Now.
This Scorpio New Moon has all of us re-assessing our lives, setting new beginnings and turning our visions forward.



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“FAITH is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark”.

………. Rabindranath Tagore

Hugs and blessings always,

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