Covid-19 Astrology



My dear friends,
Astrology gives us insights as to the energies that the planets spinning around our earth are sending to us at any given moment in time. For this article, I am sharing with you what two major planets are flooding over us currently!
Pluto, big fat and very slow, is on the move. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is why I personally think Scorpios, ruled by Pluto, have really rough challenges in their lives as they are cleaning up the past… people, choices, etc. to start anew.
Pluto is over the earth right now. This planet of bacteria and VIRUSES is over head the entire earth since the beginning of 2020. 
Add to that, planet Jupiter, (big daddy Warbucks, symbolically from the movie Annie) is the planet of expansion!
Pluto says “this is what I want to do” and Jupiter says “okay, I will help you blow your influence all up world, I will help you expand your influence, that is what I do!”
Normally, Jupiter is a “good guy” in our lives. Pluto is always taking away the old and allowing us to grow into the new in our lives.
One planet, Pluto, is the leader, Jupiter (the follower…”whatever you want dear” ) both come together every 12-13 years in their rotation to play in the “school yard” of earth’s life and this time around they were “bad boys!”
Both planets really began to  creep into our lives in January, 2020 but especially full force in March.
These two planets began to enter our earth influences intensely in March 2020 … (“hello, we are on our way”) but it was April 4, 2020 is when the virus really hit our country but other parts of the world came first. 
Pluto came first early in the year creating the virus issues and the Jupiter followed to “run with it world wide”.
Then both planets went retrograde over this summer, they took a “nap” and that is why there seemed to be a slow down in the Covid-19. 
This “nap/retrograde” was June 30, 2020. But … now both are going forward for one last “hurrah” … Jupiter direct September 12 and Pluto direct Oct. 4. 
We should continue to see an uptick in cases from October thru early December 2020. 
The “tricky” day could be November 12, 2020 and this may be the “peak” of the virus’ influence.
By November 12, 2020, we will have learned HOW to deal with the virus and life situations connected to our adjustments.
Most of society will have learned HOW TO ADJUST … “we have learned our lessons now I understand my values, etc. and how to move onto a new cycle in my life”. This is Pluto working in our lives.
The job of Jupiter is to “expand” in one’s life experiences… what ever we think about it and its energy helps to create. Pluto said “let’s expand this COVID virus world wide” and Jupiter said “OK!”
These two planets will begin to MOVE AWAY from each other and thus their influences by end of December 12, 2020 and definitely by January 12, 2012. 
We should have vaccines in place, life will rebuild itself and I tell you, I see 2021 Numerologically, a very successful year for businesses and our own personal empowerment.
Indeed, Numerologically, the United States, as part of its nine year transits has gone through year #7 and #16/7 the Tower card.
Science, slow down, betrayals, choices, health issues, spirituality and much technical research and advancements has been part of our journey. Achievements, spiritual growth and prosperity is on the way!
I am here for you to help you always.
Hugs and blessings always,
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