My dear friends,
As I was thinking about what I want to write to you today in this newsletter, the thought of one of my favorite authors popped into my head...Joseph Murphy
His wonderful inspirational ideas are found on YOUTUBE so be sure to check him out.

He writes

“A fox burrows a hole or a tunnel in the ground.
You must not permit FEAR, WORRY or DOUBT (foxes) to burrow into, hide in or even gain entrance into your mind because if you entertain there “foxes”, they will spoil the vines—- the good things of your life.
FEAR, WORRY and DOUBT  set up obstacles, difficulties and failures in your life.
Begin to listen to the truth and affirm boldly…
God is my guide and my counselor.
I have NO FEAR for God is with me!
God is the ONLY PRESENCE and the ONLY POWER.
I AM now moving FORWARD in Divine order, at the right time and in the right way.

Joseph Murphy continues,

When you are at peace and your confidence is restored, you CAN move forward.

To begin with FEAR is to end with FAILURE!
To begin with FAITH in God is to end in SUCCESS.”


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“When it is darkest men see the stars”
                             ……. Emerson
Hugs and blessings always,