My dear friends,
Many years ago, when I realized I was a clairvoyant with Medium abilities, I told my Higher Self and God…”Ok, BUT I will NOT see ghosts”! That was “my deal” and we all agreed.
I thought I would share with you what is a “Ghost spirit”?
In his wonderful book JOURNEY OF SOULS by Michael Newton, PH.D, his chapter called “Displaced souls” gives very insightful descriptions of “ghosts”.
“They are souls who have been so severely damaged that they are detached from the mainstream of souls going back to a spiritual home base. However, what has happened to them on Earth is significant because of the serious effect they have on other incarnated souls.
There are two types of displaced souls (ghosts)…
(1)  — these are souls who do not ACCEPT the fact that their physical body is dead and fight returning to the spirit world for reasons of personal anguish. This is the soul’s own choosing. These are called “ghosts” and sometimes called “demonic” because they can invade the minds of people with harmful intent.
The troubled spirit is an immature entity with unfinished business in a past life on Earth. These souls usually tie themselves to specific geographic locations. They do not want the help of their guides.
(2)  — these are souls who have been subverted by or had complicity with criminal abnormalities in a human body. Therefore, spiritual GUIDES deliberately remove these souls from further associates with other entities for an indeterminate period.
These souls (more prevalent) have been involved with evil acts. The question becomes “is the soul mind or human ego responsible or are they the same?”
This can be asked of mentally ill people who feel driven by opposing forces of good and evil over which they believe they have no control.
These people are not in harmony with their bodies and feel detached from themselves in life. This is not to be used as an excuse because hearing ‘bad voices” etc. really is emanating from oneself.
If these impulses are left untreated, the soul development is inhibited.
Keep in mind that pathological evil in humans is characterized by feelings of …
-personal impotence
-weakness which is stimulated by helpless victims.
Keep in mind, also, that these “unsettled entities” are NOT spiritual guides. REAL GUIDES are healers and do NOT intrude into our meditations with acrimonious messages. In both situations, the guides of these souls are intimately concerned with rehabilitation but there is a difference in dealing with the two different souls.
“Those of us, who have experienced unresolved personal trauma in our lives carry the seeds of our own destruction.”
However. Keep in mind that we are still responsible for our choices we make with a God given free will.
My GIFTS as a Medium is to connect loved ones in Spirit who have moved into God’s White Light with my human friends. I love this work as it brings peace and comfort to souls through our visits.
Before each visit, white candles are lit in my office, white sage cleanses the energies and I begin to telepathically “call in” loved ones. 
Those in spirit decide to come through, I allow them to do so.
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"Express yourself completely, Then be quiet. Be like the forces of nature: When it blows, there is only wind; When it rains, there is only rain; When the clouds pass, the sun shines through."

 …………… TAO TE CHINGS by Stephen Mitchell

Hugs and blessings always,