Miracles Happen

Since I am a spiritual counselor, I hear it all! and that is just fine as I am, hopefully, an instrument of God’s peace in the lives of my clients…I am just the conduit. 
Today, I thought I would just “play”. I cooked a fabulous dinner, started redecorating for the holidays, tried to string Christmas lights on the patio to no avail and that did it! 
From that moment on, I decided to do just nothing…relax, Elizabeth, and watch the Neflix movie that is gathering dust on the counter. Folks, I highly suggest that you also watch this same movie to renew your faith in a wonderful loving God and know that miracles can and do happen. This movie is very well done and holds one’s interest throughout.
I have told my son, who is going through good lifestyle changes to pay attention to “little miracles and be sure to say THANK YOU”.  
I frequently am asked by my clients just how they can develop their intuition and I tell them just to LISTEN…STAY OUT OF YOUR HEAD. For some, this is easier said then done! 
This lovely movie brings forth the power of PRAYER, of LOVE and most importantly, SURRENDER and to give up CONTROL. Only then can God, Angels and guides step in bringing us miracles. In many lives, folks keep”banging their heads against closed doors” trying to make life happen their way.
Do treat yourself to the movie BREAKTHROUGH. You, too, need to put the “world” aside, relax, (have a box of tissues nearby) and enjoy your reconnecting to your knowingness as a soul. 

“It is through SURRENDER that miracles happen”




Do you need guidance around a specific topic?

Are you feeling disconnected from your guides?

You and I are really “visiting” with your guides and angels who you can ask your questions to through Elizabeth and receive solutions, answers and guidance about your concerns.
This “visit” differs from a MEDIUM reading where loved ones….family, relatives, friends in Spirit come through to chat with my clients.

All these readings are by PHONE, recorded, a download emailed promptly to my client and a CD is sent USPS.

There is nothing to fear in these visits and you will find a peace, a clarity and a relief in many instances about situations and thoughts that have been “bothering you”!
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“Not my will but THY will be done”


Hugs and blessings always,