Numerology Readings


Elizabeth has a true gift! Unlike all of the automated numerology reports available today, Elizabeth uses her extensive experience with several systems along with her intuitive wisdom and creates a personalized chart specific to you. It’s amazing how completely on target her insights are and prove very helpful when looking for guidance with some of life’s big decisions. I highly recommend Elizabeth!

Back in the early 1990’s you provided a full numerology reading for me.  When you did this reading you said to me I don’t know how you did this when you changed your name, for it is a gazillion to one odds that when you changed your name you didn’t change any of your  numerology numbers that I was born with.  I only added the missing 4,6 and 9 that I was missing in my toolbox.   You also told me that when I got to my 60th Birthday that my life would begin to shift and the Wheel of Good Fortune would be upon me.  You also said to me that I was a master number of 99 the highest Vibrations and Frequencies that have come to earth.  

Well Beloved One, I am here to tell you that all of the things that I have noted above have and are now coming true and into my Time and Space for Eternity.  Out of the Love, Honor and Respect that I have for you and the Accurate and Supreme numerology reading that you so LOVINGLY created for me.” ….K.H., CO

12 Month Reading

$154.97 – $236.47


Complete Natal Reading

$180.97 – $231.97