Psychic Intuitive Readings

* Do you need guidance around a specific topic?
* Are you feeling disconnected from your guides?

Psychic Intuitive readings give you the opportunity to ask your personal questions to your guides and receive their responses.

Elizabeth will use her skills as a Medium to help you understand and discover what you need to know.

45 minute Reading via phone.

This reading is recorded on CD and mailed to you. A download is emailed to you the same day.


Elizabeth, you are a magnificent being of LIGHT!! Thank you!!

– L.W., FL

“Thank you so very much for bringing through my guides to help my understand this very confusing time I am going through right now. I was very honored to be in the presence of these loving beings and have been given a great gift because of your abilities and service to help others. I now have a direction and even better, I now know my primary guide by name and I have begun to “train” myself to have regular conversations with this loving being. Thank you for being such a blessing to humanity.”

– C.S., PA