My dear friends,
As we approach the wonderful celebrations of Christmas, there is also astrologically something to celebrate, too.
As you may know, I include Astrology in my readings when possible, so as an Esoteric Numerologer, I share this valuable info with you, also.
Christmas Day, December 25/26, depending where you live geographically, we have Solar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. 
As a side note, Capricorns are having HUGE energy shifts and beginnings in 2020 so be sure to order your NUMEROLOGY READINGS WITH ME! Good info to share with you.
Back to the Solar eclipse. Many astrologers suggest that December 25/26 is when you make your 2020 Resolutions not on January 1, 2020 due to this “beginning” energy of the eclipse. Therefore, write down what you INTEND to ACHIEVE in 2020 and be SPECIFIC. Writing it
down brings the thought energy into the earth and material vibrations to “get it going”!
Astrologer Chani Nichols also suggests this:

“With the solar eclipse in Capricorn occurring on December 25th, this entire holiday season is our chance to change things up. The solar eclipse encourages us to break from the childhood conditioning that has kept us spellbound, in a state of confusion, or only living life halfway. Eclipse Season always makes us step up our game, but this one demands that we reconsider the one that we are playing entirely. 
Make yourself available to your dreams, ambitions, and desires. Make it a priority to forgive yourself for what you didn’t know how to do before. Make it known through your actions that you are divesting your energy from the relationships that never gave you what you needed or wanted. Recalibrate, reframe, and renew your commitment to showing up for yourself no matter who else follows suit.” 
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