The Resting Space

My dear friends,
As I have told you, I just love being a Medium between my client and their loved ones in Spirit. Today, I want to share with you some general information about what may happen when a soul moves from the human body back into the spiritual realm. 
After “dying”, there can be a period of confusion by some souls depending on their manner of death. But… the main thing I want you to always know is that they are NEVER ALONE after going through the death experience! 
There is ALWAYS another soul that will come and guide them to a place of healing so they can and will loose their confusion and understand what has occurred. The soul is trying to figure out what is going on and where they are but no worries because here is when souls come forward from their karmic connections….family members, etc. usually from their immediate lifetime associations.
The soul does not ‘GO TO A PLACE”, but is in an energy of a “state of being” where it consults with spiritual masters and begins to prepare for a future incarnation and choose which souls should join them the next time!
However, I want to share with you what is called THE RESTING PLACE in the Spirit world. It is a special place for “damaged” souls to go just to rest! They need to restore themselves from the chaos of their last life time that has totally drained them spiritually and energetically. This is an important energy field that God in its mercy, allows them to be in before they can even “think” about moving into a future incarnation!
Sometimes, if death was traumatic, their soul goes into a period of deep, deep resting until they can handle the experience of knowing that their body has ceased to exist.  This “awakening” can be very slow but the soul will indeed move forward with guidance into a state of peace.

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