Your Self Care

My dear friends,
During the Valentine celebration week, my thoughts go to many of you, my lovely and loyal readers, who may not have that “someone” to smother you with flowers, foods, and chocolates. 


This is why, this column is about your own “selfcare” …be your own
My Valentine day will be filled with doctor appointments for my annual check ups and blood tests, yearly eye exam, ordering new glasses and a quick lunch at my favorite Italian restaurant.


Yes, self care is on my calendar and I am perfectly fine with the day’s planned events! Perhaps, “self care” should be accurately stated as self love”.


This is a difficult concept for many women as they have been culturally programmed to care about others first.  This shows up in a chart when I do their reading…the # 6 of “responsibility”.


Also, there might be subscious memories from past lives connected to convent living where to love oneself was punished, belittled, made to be accused of “selfishness”…that “others” were more important than you!
This is shown as a possibility of too many #7s and # 4s.


Here is a wonderful site with very practical ideas to take care of you!


“To thine own self BE TRUE”...William Shakespeare



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Hugs and blessings always,