What can you learn

from the numbers of your life?

The Numbers You Were Born With

Natal readings are complete and customized using several types of numerology systems as well as astrology. This reading is a complete overview of the core energy information in your life, major challenges, karmic lessons, gifts and your purpose. A printed booklet of information is included to provide additional insights.

The Numbers of Your Future

Current year readings focus on events and experiences of the current entire twelve month personal year, starting now and twelve months forward. Month-to-month energy influences, major turning points in life, and significant themes in your life will be noted and explained. Information using ancient Numerology, Astrology and Tarot interpretations is combined in this reading.

The Numbers of Change

A six month current year reading delivers information about the issues and trends influencing your life and how to handle them for the next six calendar months

Numerology — The Ancient Detective

The science of Numerology is as old as Astrology.  Every major civilization has identified codes that guide choices in everyday living and life as a whole. Glyphs that humans call Numbers represent the mental, emotional, physical and intuitive aspects of a person’s life. A skilled Esoteric Numerologer can interpret all of an individual’s Numbers, allowing him to better understand his unique energetic signature.

The notion that only one number represents every aspect of energy in a human comes from the popular formula found on the Internet called the Life Path Number.  By adding the month, day and year of birth together and arriving at a single digit, one could think this is who they are. Wrong.  A person is actually a composite of number energies all arrived from the month, day, and year of birth and the birth certificate name.

Taken by itself, the Life Path Number indicates an issue that needs to be improved upon this time around.  It is like a plotline in a novel that was written on the blue print of life prior to being born. The Life Path Number also indicates careers to follow in some fashion throughout life.  For instance, if the Life Path Number is a six, careers in service, teaching, the creative arts or medical field will be of interest to the person. Should the Life Path Number be eight, careers in business, management, construction, or corporations will tickle his fancy.

How Elizabeth Can Help YOU

Elizabeth works with clients as a numerologer and a medium offering psychic intuitive readings. These two services are complimentary, but separate. It is advised that you consider a package that includes both for a well rounded understanding.

Numerology Readings

Learn about the current, past and future influences of your numbers. These readings are enlightening and fun. Conducted by phone. Recordings and print outs available — because you’ll want to review your reading multiple times!

Psychic Intuitive Readings

Do you need guidance around a specific topic? Are you feeling disconnected from your guides? Elizabeth will use her skills as a Medium to help you understand and discover what you need to know.

Numerology Classes

Do you want to learn Numerology? Numbers are a fun and exciting way to explore all that is YOU! Elizabeth offers a video class that will teach you the formulas for finding your influential numbers.

Medium Readings

Do you want to reconnect with your guides? Maybe check in with a loved one who has passed? Elizabeth is a talented Medium who can help you reach out and communicate as well as receive messages.

What is coded into YOUR birth name?

The numbers tell many stories!

If we delve into the totals arrived at by adding the vowels and consonants in a birth name. To an Esoteric Numerologer, the birth name represents memories that the soul has accumulated in previous incarnations; memories now held in the subconscious to bubble up and be used when needed, like tools in a tool box.  The birth name, therefore, is one’s “toolbox” of talents. Note that every soul names itself.  Prior to birth, it telepathically communicates to the soul of the person who eventually names it, the name to be assigned after birth.

By assigning Numbers to the vowels and adding them together, the Soul/Emotional Number is arrived at and remains constant throughout life. For example, should the Soul/Emotional Number be nine, the person is a humanitarian at heart, probably loves animals too, especially dogs and horses, and should really live in a country setting. On the other hand, the Number One in this composite area likes to be boss and is often times not a team player.

Consonants reveal the outer self and how others will view the person. Should the consonant total be a four, that individual would be considered “the salt of the earth” by others, as this is energetically a stable, secure planner who is always dependable.

A Numerology formula that adds together vowels and consonants arrives at what is called the Path of Destiny Number. This number indicates the trends all the tools will present to the human as he follows his journey throughout life.

Interestingly, another little used formula arrives at what is called the Maturity Number. This energy usually begins to show itself experientially around age forty-six and intensifies as an issue well into the older years.  It is like a secondary Life Path Number to be worked on and may introduce a totally new career path.

To isolate the energy of a human to just one number code robs them of the full picture of who they really are. By working through a series of ancient, time-tested formulas, a skilled Numerologer will reveal aspects of an individual that have previously been hidden, thus causing personal issues. Due to the clarity arrived at, personal empowerment begins to blossom, allowing the individual to tap into their fullest potential.

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Meet Elizabeth Summers

Esoteric Numerologer and Medium

Elizabeth Summers is a Professional Numerologist whose passion is the world of numbers. Through translating the vibrational behaviors of numbers found in one’s birth number, name, and birth date, patterns, cycles and symbols are found. Her readings offer psychological as well as spiritual interpretation.

“I just listened to a reading you did for me three years ago and it was so precise in
retrospect. Excited to do it again!”
— H.E. (Ohio)

“It’s time for my yearly reading – I cannot wait to see what this year has in store. Past readings have been spot on;) I look forward to speaking to you!
Thanks.” — M.L. (Virginia)

“Elizabeth, I listened to this year’s reading twice – taking notes. You give so much. At the end, tears flowed from my eyes. Thank you for your love and support.” — A.B. (Colorado)